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Eve Gate

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In the system of New Eden sits the impenetrable EVE Gate. Thousands of years ago the forefathers of all the human races used the gate to travel to the world of EVE. But the gate has been closed for a long time, a catastrophe that destroyed all planets in the New Eden system and plunged the fragile human settlements to the brink of extinction. Anyone foolish enough to get too close to the gate today will be ripped apart by the magnetic storms that still surround the massive gate.

Today the system of New Eden contains nothing but a star, the single gas giant of New Eden, and the single, great, glowing eye of the collapsed EVE gate. Space there is littered with graffiti left by tourists come to see all that remains of the origins of the EVE universe. Perhaps to encourage this sort of tourism, the gate itself cannot be imaged using the in-game screen capture utility.

Old version of EvE Gate

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