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EVE-Online is a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) set in a futuristic, science-fiction based, persistent world. Players take the role of elite, immortal, spaceship pilots ("capsuleers") seeking fame, fortune, and adventure in a huge, complex, exciting, and sometimes hostile galaxy.

The gameplay of EVE has two distinct, but related, categories: PVE (Player. Vs. Environment) and PVP (Player vs. Player).

PVE: This includes everything that could be called "single-player" in the world of EVE, ranging from killing NPCs ("Non-Player Characters"), doing missions for corporations and states (factions), mining, trading, to research and production of items.

In the PVE game, players interact with computer controlled characters which behave much like in a single player game. A player may group up with other friends who play the game and take on assignments which have little to no effect on other players who are logged into the universe.

PVP: although generally used to refer to direct combat between two or more players, in EVE the term also includes anything else that involves the interaction of people, ranging from the aforementioned combat, to trading and corporation management.

Sporting advanced player vs. player systems in the world, EVE has a deep player to player interaction whether it be through means like building, buying and selling items on the market, competing over resources, or waging war on other groups of players. With the exception of lone wolf pirates, the PVP element in EVE resembles that of tribes (player corporations) looking out for each other and helping each other get ahead in the game at the expense of other player tribes.

For new players looking to get a start in the game, Eve Wiki offers a quick primer with a Eve Online Guide.

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