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Eve Online Guide

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EVE Resources

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There are TONS of EVE Resources out on the web that are being under-utilized because how often can you remember which forum sticky is the damn ore calculator or item database? I can't, so I'd like to start a collection here where there are meta search functions, self organizing formats and other niceties. The only thing needed is a quick link and link and short description and you've made the world a better place. Some additional resources can be found in the Eve Online Guide.

Multipurpose Sites

  • EVE Online - main site at CCP.
    • EVE online's wiki - CCP's wiki
    • While the universe map link via 'backstory' button on the main page seems to be down, you can reach regions/constellations/systems via the categories, such as: this
  • Player Guide Official player's guide at EVE Online.
  • EVE Extra - EVE Online resource and database site and hoster of the eve-wiki
  • EVE Extra database - In-game database (updated to kali1)
  • BattleClinic - Complete support for EVE. Tools for every pilot + learning modules and helpful people. Largest EVE support site.
  • - EVE Online support site, including forum, player guide, missions database for 1-4 levels agents,recycler resource, COSMOS, NPC ships, Agents, offers, NPC divisions, universe map and much more...
  • Eve-Webring - A webring and categorised directory of Eve sites. Works in-game and out-of game. In-game, it skips over all the non IGB compatible sites. Anyone can join.
  • EVE Geek - This site contains various calculators, including weapon DPS, minerals, drones, etc.
  • EVE Search - Original EVE Search website for the official EVE Online forums.
  • EVE Search (Google) - Search all known EVE sites using Google.
  • EVE Benelux - The dutch speaking community for EVE fans.
  • Look For Group - Online scheduling site for groups, and character networking site with blogs and more. Interested in getting feedback from the EVE community, to make it more user friendly for your purposes.
  • EVE Science and Research site Beginners site for Research and Production
  • EVEDATA.ORG Website with an array of different tools for use with the in-game browser
  • Reprocess, manufacturing, planetary interaction tools. Trade route finder and other Eve market informations
  • Online tool for EVE-Online, designed to help corporations & alliances manage their fittings, doctrines, operations and fleets.

Web Applications

  • POS Tracker - by Johnathan Roark:
    • AutoSov© - Automatically adjusting fuel usages based on daily updated sovereignty information
    • Moon Mining, Reaction Tracking, and Silo Tracking.
    • Outpost Fuel Tracking - Allows you to track your pos system wide usages by defining which towers are filled from which outpost.
    • Re-fueling calculator - You specify the time, it tells you how much fuel you need. and how many hauls it will take.
    • Absolute Location of Towers to the moon."
  • MiningBuddy - by Tha'Vena: "For a year now I have been coding MiningBuddy, a PHP application meant for corporations and/or groups of players, even the solo miner out there.
    • It helps keep track of your mining operations,
    • Where you are mining,
    • What you are mining,
    • Who gets paid (ISK) payout,
    • Has an accounting system (people get credited ISK if they take part in operations),
    • Events calendar and much more.
    • Project development halted. (Tha'Vena @ Wednesday 01 April 2009 - 00:13:29)
  • Eve Commander - by Woddel: The largest offline character information and market planning tool around. Serving close to 2'000 users with valuable information on their character or corporation:
    • Shows all your skills and character data, including your clone status
    • Display and analysis of market transactions and wallet journal
    • Displays all your assets in all stations and in space, including the contents of containers
    • Track all your ships and their fitting setup
    • Track your market orders and industry tasks
    • Use the market data tool for deep inter-regional market analysis (includes eve-central data)
    • CEOs and directors can use corporate data to see all the above for their corporation
  • EVEViewer - by davcin: Allows you to keep track of all your characters:
    • Account balance
    • Skill Queue
    • Known/injected Skills or all available Skills
    • Claimed Certificates or all available Certificates
    • Assets
    • Wallet Journal
    • Market Orders
    • Marker Transactions
    • And more!
  • - by Wacktopia: Your fleet operations, on steroids:
    • Corp / Alliance Tool
    • Manage Fittings and Doctrines
    • API Integration, see which fits you can fly
    • Operation planner
    • Fleet Tracker Tool
    • Shopping Lists
    • Reporting
    • Skill and Asset Tracking


  • - Eve Guide - generic guide on character development in Eve Online.


General information for all EVE characters.

  • EVEMon - EVEMon open-source character manager. Most popular skills manager, it also integrates ship fitting with the BattleClinic ship loadout forums.


  1. Mercenary started by Mrissa Easeah.
  2. Pirate Listings and Guide started by Corvus Dove.
  3. Anti-Pirate resources
  4. Killboard Resources- A listing of all sites (public and private) with killboards.
  • Combat Log Analyser Tool - A Windows based application which analyses your EVE combat log files to provide breakdowns of damage done vs. damage received as well as summarized totals for damage/hit/weapon types.
  • EvE Fleet Management Tool - A browser based application that allows Fleet Commanders to effectively build and track pilots within the current PvP fleet engagement. The IGB section allows for FC login, pertinent pilot and FC module input, and overview of the fleet. The OOG section is an admin area for corp/FC administrators to add, delete or edit FCs and tool settings. There is also a fleet review (for easier recognition of successful fleet ops) sortable by FC, date and fleet session. This tool is based on the Agony Unleashed tool.


  • Free Public Ventrilo at IP: Port : 4293--- Get your Corp a Channel Today! ( All Corp Channels Include Channel Admin )

Maps and Travel Tools

POS and Starbase

Mining and Industry

  • Miners Guide to the Galaxy - A guide to mining in EVE, and survival. Helpful resource for aspiring miners and others wanting to know more about the galaxy.
  • The Rig Factory by Ilea Celentay - The Rig Factory is an Eve-Online browser based tool to help players manufacturer rigs and manage their salvage.

Agents and Missions

See Agents and Missions for description and related information.


See Ships for ship descriptions, pictures and related information.

  1. Ship Setups


  • Bugs and assorted gameplay ideas

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