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EVE time card

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EVE time card (ETC) also EVE time codes are a way of paying for EVE Online with ISK or real money.

It is possible to pay for a subscription through the in game purchase of ETC (EVE time cards) using ISK (in game currency). 'EVE time card are a string of 16 characters, which you can use to add game time to your account. This system was instituted by CCP and the transactions are protected by CCP staff. This allows more advanced players able to generate the needed ISK to pay for their characters without any real money. The ETC sellers are also players and they gain in game ISK in trade for the purchase and resale of the ETC's. ETCs come in 30-50-90-100-180 day increments, and are treated just like normal subscriptions in every way.

CCP discontinued creation of the 30-50-90-100-180 day increments on 15 June 2008 and introduced the 60 day increment instead. Some stores may still have a limited supply of the old increments left, but no new codes/card are being issued in the old increments.


  • 30 days - 15$ (discontinued)
  • 50 days - 30$ (discontinued)
  • 60 days - 35$
  • 90 days - 40$ (discontinued)
  • 100 days - (discontinued)
  • 180 days - (discontinued)

==30 Day Pilot License Extensions (PLEX) Main article: PLEX

Your 60 day time card can be converted ingame to two 30 Day Pilot License Extensions, these can then be traded ingame the same as any other item.

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