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Electronic Warfare (equipment)

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Electronic Warfare includes the following categories:

Icon misc ECM.pngElectronic Counter Measures - ECM. Break the target lock. Contains Signal Distortion Amplifiers.
Icon misc ECM.pngECM Bursts - AoE ECM. Many drawbacks.
Icon misc sensor.pngECCM - Reduce chance of ECM working. 5 different types.
Icon misc sensor.pngSensor Backup Arrays - Reduce chance of ECM working.
Icon projected ECCM.pngProjected ECCM - Reduce chance of ECM working on gang-mate.
Icon remote sensor dampener.pngRemote Sensor Dampeners - Reduce targeting range and/or speed.
Icon stasis webifier.pngStasis Webifiers - Reduce enemy velocity.
Icon target painter.pngTarget Painters - Increase enemy Signature Radius (more hits).
Icon tracking disruptor.pngTracking Disruptors - Reduce enemy tracking and/or range.
Icon warp jammer.pngWarp Jammers - Halt enemy Warps. Two types, differing effects.
Icon warp jammer.pngWarp Disruption Field Generators - Heavy duty warp jamming.

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