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Engineering skills overview

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Engineering Skill Tree

Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Secondary Attribute: Memory

Engineering skills center around the powergrid and the shields, and things affecting either one.

Base Skill: Engineering

As befits the tree, the skill upon which the tree depends is applicable to all ships, all equipment: a 5% increase to the ship's powergrid output per level.

Energy systems skills

These skills affect capacitor capacity, recharge, transmission, and modification.

Energy Systems Operation
reduces capacitor recharge time by 5%/level
Energy Management
Increases capacitor capacity by 5%/level
Energy Emission Systems
reduces capacitor need of Energy Transfer Arrays and similar equipment by 5%/level. Some ships have an additional bonus to energy transfer, and a group of them get a net gain in energy simply by transferring it between them.
Capital Energy Emission Systems
reduces capacitor need of Capital energy emission systems by 5%/level
Energy Grid Upgrades
enables installation of power upgrades (capacitor battery, Reactor Control Unit, etc), as well as reducing CPU need of these modules by 5%/level

Shield systems skills

Skills affecting the requirements, operation, and modification of a ship's shields.

Shield Operation
reduces shield recharge time by 5%/level
Shield Management
increases shield capacity by 5%/level
Capital Shield Operation
reduces capacitor requirements of capital shield boosters by 2%/level
Shield Compensation
reduces capacitor requirements of shield boosters by 2%/level
EM Shield Compensation
Explosive Shield Compensation
Kinetic Shield Compensation
Thermic Shield Compensation
all provide a 3%/level improvement to the affected shield resistance, for active shield hardeners that are currently inactive. They all add 5%/level to the bonus of passive shield hardeners (of the appropriate type).
Shield Emission Systems
reduces capacitor need of Shield Transfer Arrays (and similar modules) by 5%/level
Capital Shield Emission Systems
reduces capacitor need of capital Shield Transfer Arrays by 5%/level
Shield Upgrades
permits installation of shield upgrades (Shield Rechargers and Shield Extenders). Reduces powergrid need of those systems by 5%/level.
Practically, it comes down to Shield Extenders as Shield Rechargers only use 1 MW each. It facilitates fitting a larger type Shield Extenders than your ship class would suggest.

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