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Eve World

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The EVE World/Universe is the setting for EVE online. This page serves as a central page for organizing information about the world of EVE.


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The EVE gate first opened thousands of years ago allowing settlers to travel from Earth. After a time, the gate closed stranding the settlers. Over the years, civilization redeveloped and grew into it's current state. For more than a century, the five empires have lived together in relative peace. They’ve continually strived to maintain this peace, as each faction realizes only too well the grave consequences of a massive inter-stellar war. Recent technological breakthroughs in FTL travel, and the ensuing increase in space travellers, have shaken, but not broken, the fragile peace... at least not yet.

Races and Factions

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The world of EVE is inhabited by five major races: the Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Jove, and Minmatar, and numerous smaller factions. All of these races are of human origin; their ancestors entered this little part of the universe thousands of years ago through a natural wormhole. Though most of the first settlements collapsed when the wormhole suddenly closed, a few survived. Today’s races are the descendants of those scattered colonies.


The finest cola in the cluster.

Quafe is a carbonated soft drink in the EVE World. It's popular enough that the Quafe Company is actually a rather large corporation with influence that spans across the regions of EVE.

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