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Event Agents

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Various Events

These agents give special missions. They can be found in stations or in space at moons, planets, belts, beacons and even inside DED Space complexes.


COSMOS agents are a set of event agents who give out one time only multi-part storyline missions which can be found at various places in empire and pirate space. Their basic information can be found by looking through people and places for their names but their locations cannot be found with People and Places searches. Some agents are unsearchable and thus hidden. These agents offer various missions and give various rewards. The high security agents are located in four constellations:

Outside lists

(These lists are incomplete, there are several known agents at moons not listed)

Improving Relations

The following locations have agents which offer a mission called Improving Relations. The agents show info report shows you need a 7.0 standing but in actuality it's much higher. These agents collect pirate dog tags in exchange for a limited run faction ship blueprint or other high value items like +5 implants. Factions which have faction ships available to offer will have 3 agents; first offers a faction frigate blueprint for 30 Silver tags and requires 8.5 standing; second offers faction blueprint cruiser for 30 Gold tags and 9.2 Standing; third offers faction BS blueprint for 30 Diamond tags and 9.9 Standing.

Faction Ships

Other Offers

Data Center Agents

Data centers are located at beacons in high-security 'empire' space. There are three data centers per empire, each is a single location with two or more agents each. There are one Data Center focused on each major Pirate Faction. One agents offers the "Graduation Certificate" mission while the rest offer the "Keeping Crime in Check" mission You will need to collect common pirate dog tags (copper, bronze, silver, electrum, brass, palladium, gold, crystal, platinum and diamond). The rewards include named items and a storyline-level faction increase. You can only talk to each agent once and if your standings with a faction are already above 5.0 then the results will be very poor.

See Data Center Agents for the complete listing of agents.

Amarr Imperial Data Centers

Collect tags: The Blood Raider Covenant, Sansha's Nation

  1. Polfaly (2 Agents)
  2. Ferira (11 Agents) (Blood Copper the rest Sansha)
  3. Kudi (11 Agents) (Sansha Copper the rest Bloods)

Caldari State Data Centers

Collect Tags: Guristas Pirates

  1. Ahtulaima (2 agents)
  2. Saikanen (3 agents)
  3. Kamokor (12 agents)

Gallente Federate Data Centers

Collect Tags: Serpentis

  1. Abenync (2 agents)
  2. Muer (11 agents)
  3. Ekuenbiron (2 agents)

Minmatar Republic Data Centers

Collect Tags: Angel Cartel

  1. Emolgranlan (11 agents)
  2. Arlulf (2 agents)
  3. Engosi (2 agents)

Circle Agents

In each empire's space there are a series of courier agents which offer the same missions indefinitely. Each drop-off point contains another one of those. As soon as you finish one job you can start another one. They are useful to any trader who wishes to gradually raise their standings with these corporations while they visit various regions daily or weekly checking their sell and buy orders.

For complete lists see: Circle Agents.

The starting agents for each Empire's circle are one use 1.0% faction boost storyline missions (changed in Revelations patch from infinite runs) and are located in:
Amarr Empire

Caldari State

Gallente Federation

Minmatar Republic

They can be started in any order but the "Data Transportation" agents as of Revelations patch are not in the loop but only start it.

Tutorial Agents

There are two styles of tutorial or starter agents. The first are in starter school stations and offer one 2 part mission called "The Endless Battle" There are 60 of these agents as of Revelations 1.3 and anyone with above -2 standings (counting Diplomacy) with their faction can do the mission.

The second tutorial agents were added in Revelations I and have 3 separate 10 part missions. There are only the three missions but each major empire has a set for a total of 12 new agents.

The Tutorial Agents are divided amongst the 3 types of schools of each Empire and follows is a list of all their locations.
(The second system mentioned always contains the 10 part tutorial agent).

See Tutorial Agents for more information.

Epic Mission Arc Agents

Epic Mission Arc were added with Apocrypha. Known Epic Mission Arc Agents include:

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