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Event Missions

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Event Missions 
special Storyline missions which can be undertaken with no prior agent referral. Upon completing the mission the factional standings will rise and derived standings bonuses or penalties to the other factions in the universe will occur. If the pilot fails the mission that factions and all it's allies standings to the pilot will drop but in most cases the opposing factions will not rise.

Event Missions differ from normal missions:

  1. Many Event Missions can be performed only once per character. Exceptions are the Circle Agents and a few level 1 COSMOS Agent.
  2. You get no loyalty points but get a faction and corporation standings boost. The repeatable Event Agents only give out the faction bonus the first use.
  3. Sometime pilots get some very interesting rewards.
  4. All COSMOS Missions are Event Missions

New Player Event Missions

Every new player will be directed by Aura to a tutorial agent (and also by an EveMail). The first tutorial agent presents you will a two-part event mission chain. The first mission is a simple kill mission and the second is a simple courier mission. After that you will be directed to a new agent who gives you the ten-part event mission specific to your race and career. If you complete these missions you should end up with three implants, two racial frigates, basic skill books, modules, and roughly 500,000 ISK. You can run the missions for each race/career and receive 12 times the loot. You may need to train some skills to complete the missions for the other careers.

The following table shows the location of the agents for the career-specific tutorial chains. These agents cannot be found via the in-game interface and they do not appear in the data on

Faction Career Agent Solar System
Amarr Military Chakh Madafe Deepari
Industry Zidah Arvo Pasha
Business Jiekan Jepen Conoban
Caldari Military Ranta Tarumo Uitra
Industry Abishi Tian Todaki
Business Ochishi Veilai Jouvulen
Gallente Military Hasier Parcie Couster
Industry Houve Raennere Clellinon
Business Antogase Pandon Trossere
Minmatar Military Fykalia Adaferid Hadaugago
Industry Uba Virserin Malukker
Business Dalofer Mattore Embod

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