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Faction Ships

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These are ships that are specific and unique to a certain NPC factions and as such can not be purchased on the regular markets. They must be aquired through contracts, corporate theft or LP Stores. Only frigate, cruiser, and battleship faction ships exist at this time. These ships are generally considerably better than Tech I ships, though not necessarily better than Tech II ships. However, they do not have nearly as high skill requirements as Tech II ships. Faction ships range from mildly rare to extremely rare, and usually cost as much as or considerably more than a Tech II ship of the same class.


  • Amarr Navy Slicer (Amarr Empire): Amarr agent LP award. Typical of Amarr ship thinking, the Slicer has an abundance of high and low slots, bearing a 4/2/5 setup. Also typically, the ship's bonuses are 10% to Small Energy Turret cap use and 5% to damage per level. Neither particularly swift nor fit for EWAR, the Navy Slicer is pretty much what you'd come to expect from the Amarr - fly in, trade punches, and come out ahead in the end.
  • Caldari Navy Hookbill (Caldari State): The Hookbill's bonuses to shields (10% more per level of Frigate trained) make it one of the most resilient Frigates available. Its moderate speed, large powergrid and CPU, 4 high slots (2 missile, 2 turret) make it wonderfully effective as a long-range railgun/missile frigate or as a close range hybrid cannon/rocket frigate.
  • Cruor (Blood Raiders): Pirate faction LP award. A bizzare cross between the Amarr and Minmatar Recons, enjoying a drain amount bonus per Amarr level and a webber range bonus per Minmatar level. Unfortunately, the ship is not tremendously fast for a frigate, and only has 2 mids, making it a curious choice as a tackler.
  • Daredevil (Guardian Angels of the Angel Cartel): Pirate faction LP award. A mini-Thorax, the Daredevil enjoys great popularity for both its look and its flexible performance - 25% hybrid damage bonus, 7.5% tracking/Gallente level, 10% Microwarp cap penalty/Minmatar level. 4 highs split 2 and 2, 4 mids, 3 lows.
  • Dramiel (Arch Angels of the Angel Cartel): Pirate faction LP award. An excellent frigate for those specializing in small projectiles, with three different bonuses: 25% damage, 5% damage/Minmatar level, 7.5% tracking/Gallente level. Capable of mustering a 50% total damage bonus sounds great with 5 highs, until you realize only three can be turrets. Also mounts two mids and three lows.
  • Gallente Navy Comet (Gallente Federation): Gallente agent LP award. Possibly the least spectacular of the faction frigates, this is essentially a Tristan with an additional low slot and a bit more shields/armor. Novelty pilots enjoy it for the flashing light and "GFPD" (Gallente Federation Police Department) on the side.
  • Gold Magnate (Amarr Empire): Non NPC Awarded Faction Ship. Only one of these ever handed out and it was destroyed so only scattered screen shots and tales of woe now remain of this legendary ship.
  • Republic Firetail (Minmatar Republic): Minmatar agent LP award. Almost certainly the fastest non-interceptor frigate, the Firetail can reach truly impressive speeds because of its high base speed and 5% per level bonus. Mounts two turrets and two launchers, 3 mids and 3 lows.
  • Silver Magnate (Amarr Empire): Non NPC Awarded Faction Ship. Like its extinct brother, only a few of these ships have ever been handed out, some have been destroyed over time while the rest have mostly ended up in private collections.
  • Succubus (Sansha's Nation): Pirate faction LP award. Although probably not very frightening to those with high EM resists, the Energy Turret Damage/EM missile damage bonuses of the Succubus are potentially ruinous to shield tankers. The Succubus can also boast a flexible tank/gank set of lows, having 4 slots.
  • Worm (Guristas Pirates): Pirate faction LP award. An impressive small missile ship, bearing a 50% Rocket/Light Missile velocity bonus, and bonuses to both Small Hybrids and Missile damage based on Gallente/Caldari ship levels. Bearing 4 mid slots, the ship can also perform credibly in modest EWAR duties.


  • Ashimmu (Blood Raiders): An Amarr/Minmater tackler cruiser that boasts a one-time 50% reduction in Medium Energy Turret cap usage, +10% Energy Vampire drain amount per Amarr Cruiser skill level, and +10% Stasis Webifier range per Minmatar Cruiser skill level.
  • Augoror Navy Issue (Amarr Empire): Amarr LP award ship. Like most Amarr ships, this vessel takes tanking to an extreme with a 10%-per-level bonus to armor HP. Combined with a few plates, this cruiser can conceivably go over 10khp with respectable resists. The Navy Issue has two more high slots, one more mid, and two more lows than the standard issue, making this easily the biggest upgrade in Navy -vs.- Standard amongst the four Empires.
  • Caracal Navy Issue (Caldari State): Caldari LP award ship. The Navy Caracal is, like all other Navy vessels, gifted with double the defenses and roughly half the cargo of the standard version. Although the extra high slot in the Navy Caracal is not a missile hardpoint, it also has an additional two low slots and two hundred extra grid, giving it a great deal more flexibility than the standard Caldari Caracal platform.
  • Cynabal (Angel Cartel): A Minmatar/Gallente cruiser with a permanent +25% to Medium Projectile Turret ROF, +5% Med Proj Turret damage per Minmatar Cruiser skill level, and +7.5% to Med Proj Turret tracking speed per Gallente Cruiser skill level.
  • Exequror Navy Issue (Gallente Federation): Gallente LP award ship. While it doesn't boast the speed of some of its class counterparts, this up-close-and-personal gunboat nonetheless possesses some of the more advanced hybrid plasma-coil compression subsystems available, making it a lethal adversary in any upfront engagement.
  • Guardian-Vexor (Gallente Federation): Non NPC Awarded Faction Ship, awarded to the winning team of an early alliance tournament. This ship has improved thermal resistances on armor, while lossing a small amount of kinetic resistance. It also receives a slight armor hitpoint boost. Its most noteable feature would be that although it gains no additional high slots, it does gain one more turret and a coveted missile launcher hardpoint and vitally it can control up to 10 drones at once - double the number that can be used by any other non-capital ship.
  • Gila (Guristas Pirates): In line with the Guristas ship design approach, meaning slow but heavy on the firepower and equipment, the Gila is as clumsy as its origin ship, the Moa. However, since the Dominian expansion, the Gila was redesigned from a split-weapons (missiles/hybrid) platform to a drone cruiser. It now boasts drone capacity on par with the Dominix battleship, and a shield resistance bonus. This, combined with its high number of midslots makes it one of the most popular cruisers for mission running and low-sec ratting.
  • Omen Navy Issue (Amarr Empire): Amarr LP award ship. In response to the increasing need for ships capable of countering frigate swarms, its designers additionally included a drone bay intended to give the ship a greater range of options when faced with mixed enemy squadrons. The end result is a somewhat more flexible offering than Amarr design philosophy generally dictates, but don't be fooled: this crusher still packs all the punch one would expect from a ship of the golden fleet.
  • Opux Luxury Yacht (Gallente Federation): Three of these Gallente ships exist in the EVE Universe. One was acquired when an event actor (movie star) ejected from his Opux Luxury Yacht to commit suicide at a Quafe Ultra event, after which Iece Quaan boarded it and later sold it to the current owner Voogru. The second was given out by CCP to a couple from New Zealand who got engaged on the stage at the 2005 fanfest, both of whom are members of Celestial Horizon. The third is unflyable and currently in orbit of one of the moons in the Lirsautton system.
  • Osprey Navy Issue (Caldari State): Caldari LP award ship. The fastest Caldari cruiser in existence and a formidable missile boat, this vessel gives Navy personnel and State loyalists alike greater opportunities to conduct true skirmish warfare than ever before.
  • Phantasm (Sansha's Nation): As all Sanshas ships, the Phantasm has a limited amount of turret hardpoints and no room for launchers, but features a staggering 100% damage bonus to the energy turrets of its size category. This means that it effectively bears six lasers, with both damage and tracking bonuses, and high slots to spare. Optimally, these should be fitted with T2 energy vampires, as the combination of being a shield tanker and using lasers takes a heavy toll on the ship's capacitor.
  • Scythe Fleet Issue (Minmatar Republic): Minmatar LP award ship. Unparalleled agility and unpredictability. A squadron of these ships can be an immense thorn in the side of even the most able and well-equipped fleet commander.
  • Stabber Fleet Issue (Minmatar Republic): Minmatar LP award ship. Although billed as slower than the non-Fleet Stabber, the two additional low slots make the Fleet Stabber potentially a much faster ship. The Fleet Issue ship also has an additional mid slot, making it more flexible than a simple tackler. The defenses of this vessel are also roughly the size of the standard Fleet Issue -
  • Vexor Navy Issue (Gallente Federation): Gallente LP award ship. Considerably more powerful than the standard Vexor, the Navy Issue has a larger drone bay, slightly more grid and CPU, one more turret hardpoint, and two more low slots. It is also noticeably sturdier - nearly double the defensive abilities of its "standard" kin - but has a bit more mass and a much smaller cargo bay.
  • Vigilant (Serpentis): Like all pirate ships based on a 'standard' hull, the Vigilant is mostly an upgrade of its original, in this case the Thorax. But, with an inherent 25% bonus to hybrid turret damage, superior defenses, and a tracking bonus in place of the original's Gallente Cruiser Skill-based bonus, this vessel exceeds its progenitor by far when it comes to staying power at the front, where its Microwarpdrive bonus will inevitably take it to bite chunks out of other ships with its blasters.


  • Apocalypse Navy Issue (Amarr Empire): Obtained either though Agent Loyalty Point reward offers or purchase from another player. Loyalty Point offers start at 200,000 points for a 1 run Blue Print Copy and require payment of ISK500m, although various other offers at higher numbers of Loyalty Points exist. The Navy Apocalypse is superior to its Tech 1 counterpart in a number of ways, most important of which is its shiny silver color. It also sports around 50% more Structure, Armor and Shield hit points and the addition of an 8th low slot, a boon to its already potent armor tanking ability. It capacitor is weaker than the normal version unles the pilot has level V Amarr Battleship due to the 5% per level cap boost from a base of 6000.
  • Bhaalgorn (Blood Raiders): Obtained either though Agent Loyalty Point reward offers or purchase from another player and from possible BPC drops. This ship is one tough PvP ship with enhancements to energy draining/neutralizing and stasis webifier per level of Amarr Battleship and Minmatar Battleship skills. It is a highly sought after faction ship.
  • Machariel (Angel Cartel): Obtained either though Agent Loyalty Point reward offers or purchase from another player and from possible BPC drops. This is the fastest battleship with a base speed of 196 m/s and 7 low slots leads to tales of pilots with Machariels speeding along at over 30,000 m/s when Overdrive modules weren't penalized and mulitiple microwardrives functioned at once. It's a sleek coppery ship with advantages to large projectile weapons.
  • Nightmare (Sansha's Nation): Obtained either though Agent Loyalty Point reward offers or purchase from another player and from possible BPC drops. This is the Sansha Marauder class ship with a built in 100% damage bonus to large Energy weapons. It's a combination Amarr and Caldari technologies having 7 mid slots for intended shield tank and laser weapons instead of missiles. It still can armor tank leaving many of those mids available for E-war and sensor boosting.
  • Rattlesnake (Guristas Pirates): Obtained either though Agent Loyalty Point reward offers or purchase from another player and from possible BPC drops. Based off of the Caldari Scorpion design, this ship is one of the most coveted faction ships due to it's massive amount of slots (6 low, 6 mid, and 8 high). This allows it to be used effectively as a vampire, draining all energy from a target ship and therefore incapacitating opponents, in PvP.
  • Vindicator (Serpentis): Obtained either though Agent Loyalty Point reward offers or purchase from another player and from possible BPC drops. This ship packs a punch with 5 heavy or sentry drones plus equivalent of 9 blasters and 1 launcher for 15 max controlled weapons. A pilot with good skills can see a possible increase in total capacitor when fitting a MWD on this ship.

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