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Freighter Overview

Freighters are the oil tankers of Eve.

They give up everything (Sub warp speed, warp speed, alignment time, weapons, defense, etc.) in exchange for one main ability.

They are massive hulks which can carry from 756,000 m3 to as much as 981,250 m3 of cargo, over 2,500 times the amount a frigate can carry. If you need to move the equipment of a whole alliance (up to around 2,000 people), a couple of these will do the job with little trouble.

While technically part of the capital class, they are more like very big Industrials, rather than Capital ships proper; they are allowed to enter 0.5 space and above, and may use Jump Gates normally. They do not have jump drives, or require Cynosural Fields.

Freighters may not open floating barrels, or jettison cargo in space, making them suitable for station to station runs only. The exception to this rule is in the deployment of outpost construction platforms. They can, however, use Corporate Hangar Arrays.

Freighters do have one major handicap: they don't have any low, mid, or high slots and lack a drone bay, meaning that they are totally defenseless and must rely on other ships for protection in low security areas.

Jump Freighters, the T2 version, sacrifice cargo for a jump drive.

Freighter Types

Amarr, Providence

The Amarr Providence has

  • A cargo hold starting at a base of 735,000 m3 and a max of 918,750 m3
  • A velocity starting at a base of 70 m/s

Caldari, Charon

The Caldari Charon has

  • The largest cargo hold of the group, starting at a base of 785,000 m3 and a max of 981,250 m3
  • The slowest velocity of the group, started at a base 60 m/s

Gallente, Obelisk

The Gallente Obelisk has

  • A cargo hold starting at a base of 750,000 m3 and a max of 937,500 m3
  • A velocity starting at a base of 65 m/s

Minmatar, Fenrir

The Minmatar Fenrir has

  • The smallest cargo hold of the group, starting at a base of 720,000 m3 and a max of 900,000 m3
  • The fastest velocity of the group, started at a base 80 m/s

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