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Gallente ships

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Gallente ships generally prefer to armor tank when on the defensive, typically attacking with hybrid turrets, either sniping from a distance with railguns or at very close range with blasters. Gallente ships also can field powerful drone fleets.

Aesthetically, Gallente vessels are considerably more colourful than those of the other factions, with their designs tending toward smooth, curving lines that often give the ships a somewhat-organic appearance. They often have a organic blue-green hue, smooth curves and rarely have totally flat surfaces or jagged angles; many ships look more like they were grown than built. This is because of their focus on biomechanics engineering. Their designs can appear more bizarre than even Caldari ships and tend to be rather bulky. Their names are often after figures from Greco-Roman and Mesopotamian mythology (e.g. Ares, Ishtar) or otherwise have Latin or Greek roots (e.g. Celestis, Kronos).

Some Gallente ships are specialized droneships, with bonuses to drone damage, range, carrying capacity, or some combination of them, such as the Myrmidon battlecruiser, the Ishtar heavy assault ship, and the Dominix battleship.

General Strengths

  • Able to inflict massive close-up damage with blasters or snipe targets effectively with railguns
  • Considerable drone bay capacity
  • Powerful armor tankers, some ships are able to shield tank as well
  • Large capacitor reservoir (needed for railguns)
  • EWAR ships receive bonuses to remote sensor dampers

General Weaknesses

  • Fewer high slots than comparable ships of other factions, meaning fewer turrets – although massive output for blasters and ability to field drones may make up for this.
  • Some ships are heavily reliant on drones. Drones can be powerful weapons, but, unlike turrets, they can be destroyed, can be difficult to control, and are not particularly effective in long-distance hit-and-run warfare since they take time to travel to their targets. Drones also orbit their targets at close range and are thus vulnerable to smartbombs.
  • Tend to have slower speeds than other factions.
  • Hybrid weapons use comparatively high amounts of capacitor and deal exclusively in thermal and kinetic damage.

Common Construction Materials

  • Crystalline Carbonide armour plating
  • Fusion reactor units
  • Ion thrusters
  • Pulse shield emitters
  • Magnetometric Sensors

Source(s): Game support


Main article: Gallente Shuttle

Shuttles are very common, disposable transportation ships. They have no fittable slots at all, but do travel extremely fast.


Non-combat Gallente Tech 1 frigates span the range from the Navitas miner to the Imicus scout to the Maulus EWAR boat. Gallente lack a dedicated missile boat frigate as found with other factions.

Rookie Frigate


Main article: Velator

With only two turret hardpoints and a small cargohold, the Velator, like all rookie ships, is underpowered when compared to other Gallente frigates, but it does hold the distinction of being the most deadly of the rookie ships, thanks to its drone bay being large enough to carry two light drones, instead of the single light drone most rookie ships can field.

Tech 1


Main article: Atron

A relatively fast, moderately-armed and -armored ship, the Atron is the Gallente counterpart to the Amarr Executioner or the Caldari Condor. It also boasts a 5 m3 drone bay, is very cheap, and represents a solid step up from a Velator in combat.


Main article: Imicus

The "scanner ship" of Gallente frigates, with bonuses to scanning equipment speed as well as drone range. Not terribly useful as a combat vessel, the Imicus can be used for mining because of the size of its cargo hold. While it doesn't mine as fast as the Navitas, its larger cargo capacity makes it preferable for the solo miner who wants fewer back-and-forth trips to the station.


Main article: Incursus

With its 3/3/2 slot distribution, the Incursus may seem underpowered compared to the Tristan. But the Incursus is the Gallente "fast attack" option, and a powerful option it is, especially for pilots not ready for the Tristan's cost or skilled in missiles. In PvP, the Incursus is a viable tackler, and has surprisingly high damage output when equipped with T2 blasters.


Main article: Maulus

The Maulus, while not as desirable as other Gallente frigates for direct combat, is an effective Electronic Warfare frigate, using sensor dampeners from its maximum range can be largely invulnerable while supporting an ongoing combat operation at a very cheap price. Still, like any other ship that relies almost entirely on other vessels for firepower, it is very limited in solo mission running.


Main article: Navitas

The Navitas is the Gallente miner's frigate of choice, capable of pulling in a fair amount of ore with its bonuses to mining and cargo capacity. Not a powerful combat vessel, although it will do in a pinch, but Gallente miners can start a respectable career with this vessel.


Main article: Tristan

The Tristan's nickname, "Fatman," is a direct reference to its size compared to other Gallente frigates – as well as its noticeably lower speed. The Fatman compensates for these drawbacks with 4 high slots (2 turret and 2 launcher hardpoints), three mid slots, and three low slots: formidable armament for a T1 frigate. The catch is that Missile Launcher Operation skills need to be trained to reach its full potential.


Gallente Navy Comet

Main article: Gallente Navy Comet

The Gallente Navy Comet is the Gallente frigate Loyalty Point reward.

Tech 2 Assault Ships

The Gallente Assault Ships are the Enyo and the Ishkur.


Main article: Enyo

Specializes in doing as much damage as possible via its four turret hardpoints, yet with the flexibility of a missile launcher as well. Bearing bonuses to damage, tracking, and range, the Enyo is a powerful attack dog - it can function as a sniper relying on range (second only to the Harpy) or a close-up slugger relying on its fast tracking. Its dual bonuses to both shield and armor resistances, coupled with its inherently great T2 resistances makes it excellent for tanking either via its shield or its armor, even if it suffers the same 'polarization' to its resistances like so many assault ships. An Enyo can take tremendous amounts of kinetic damage, but finds itself lacking the ability to effectively absorb EM and explosive damage. In either fight, the Enyo is a great damage vessel. It does suffer from only two mid slots, however, severly limiting its capability as a tackler.


Main article: Ishkur

A frigate-sized droneboat, the Ishkur can boast a drone bay as large as 50m3, making it capable of fielding a set of drones able to greatly jeopardize enemy frigates and even threaten a cruiser. Combined with the optimal range bonus granted to the Ishkur's 3 turrets, this assault frigate can be a considerable threat from a surprising distance for the ship class. It also features the same T2 resistances as its brother, the Enyo, yet is slightly faster, and as it features a third medium slot it fills the role of a tackler quite well, presuming one has the sense to equip it with an overdrive injector in one of the low slots.

Tech 2 Covert Ops

The Gallente Covert Ops frigates are the Helios and the Nemesis.


Main article: Helios

The Helios is the Gallente Covert Ops frigate. Somewhat of an unfocused ship, the Helios is somewhat unpopular among Covert Ops pilots due to its lackluster stats and layout, especially when compared to such ships as the Caldari Buzzard. It receives a 10% bonus per level to scout drone damage, but only features a 5m3 drone bay. Its secondary bonus, a 5% boost to hybrid turret damage, does little to improve this, as it features only two high slots, and one should invariably be occupied by a proper Covert Ops Cloak. Apart from these features, the Helios features unremarkable resistances, a weak shield and heavier armor than other Covert Ops ships, and five medium slots, though it has no bonuses to any Electronic Warfare equipment. Originally based on the Maulus frigate hull, the Helios has been revised to use the Imicus hull with no change to stats.


Main article: Nemesis

The Nemesis is the Gallente stealth bomber. Solely specialized when it comes to damage, as it is meant to fire cruise missiles dealing thermal damage for maximum destructive potential, the Nemesis is otherwise as unremarkably similar to other vessels of its class as all Stealth Bombers, differing only slightly in base speed, the orientation of its resistances, and other minor differences in armor and shield, cargo capacity, slot layout and such. It is an inferior tackler to the Amarr Purifier and Hound both, with lower speed and fewer low slots, when all Stealth Bombers feature enough medium slots to mount a webifier, warp scrambler and microwarpdrive, but as any Stealth Bomber it is intended to combat ships larger than itself, why this is less of a matter than it might have been.

Tech 2 Electronic Attack Ships


Main article: Keres

The Keres is the Gallente Electronic Attack Ship. With a significant range bonus to warp disruptors, and five medium slots, the Keres is much like a small version of the Gallente Combat Recon ship, the Lachesis. However, with all the advantages of sensor dampening equipment and warp disruptor that the Lachesis has, yet lacking its larger signature and much greater price tag, the Keres is understandably far more useful for small fleets or for decentralizing Electronic Warfare capabilities.

Tech 2 Interceptors

The Gallente Interceptors are the Ares and the Taranis.


Main article: Ares

The Ares has quick lock-on times (even for an Interceptor) and a nearly top-rank speed (450 m/s base). While not as impressive as its sibling, the Taranis, in terms of damage, it more than makes up for this in flexibility and range, thanks to having a launcher hardpoint and a missile thermal damage bonus in addition to its damage and tracking bonuses to hybrid turrets. Factor in a good slot layout and excellent speed, and you have one of the best tackling ships in the game.


Main article: Taranis

The Taranis isn't as fast as some of the other interceptors, such as the Caldari Crow or Amarr Crusader, but what it lacks in speed compared to the other interceptor, it makes up with incredible firepower for a frigate. With three neutron blasters, it can do serious damage to most kinds of ships. Although its speed is not as impressive as other interceptors, it remains a very popular tackling frigate for its ability to perform as both a tackler and a damage dealer.


Tech 1


Main article: Catalyst

The Catalyst is the Gallente frigate-splitting destroyer from hell. Eight high slots, perfect for fitting all types of small turrets, makes this ship extremely powerful for Level 1 missions or high-security sector ratting, and very valuable in the eyes of a new player. This can be a wonderful hold-over until the player graduates to a cruiser.

The Catalyst's significant weaknesses include small amounts of low and medium slots, small amounts of shielding, and a less than stellar powergrid. The Catalyst can only fit 2 medium slot items (basically leaving room for a AB/MWD and a either a capacitor battery or cap or shield booster), and 3 low slot items. Its low amount of shielding means that, from a tanking standpoint, this ship will be fairly inferior when compared with cruisers and will fall like a fly, especially when doing Level 2 missions. The capacitor is plentiful for gun use, however shield-recharging and/or armor repairing quickly drains the capacitor. Another consideration is that until Engineering and related skills are trained the power grid will not support more than five or six turrets.

After the player buys and fits a cruiser, the Catalyst remains useful as arguably the best salvaging ship in the game. It has the best combination of low slots (read cargo expanders or overdrive injector modules), base speed, and cargo capacity of the four T1 destroyers, and its small number of medium slots are no hindrance, as with salvaging only a AB or MWD is really necessary in mediums. With the ability to fit three salvage rigs and its plentiful high slots (many players use either a 5/3 or 3/5 split of salvager modules/tractor beams), this ship makes salvaging as fast and painless as can be expected. Watch out in a hostile environment though, as trying to salvage among enemy ships in this setup could be hazardous to your wallet.

Tech 2 Interdictor


Main article: Eris

The Eris is the Gallente Interdictor. Like any Interdictor, it is considerably faster than its Destroyer variant, and receives purely bonuses to its weapon systems, in addition to T2 resistances and improved features. All of these bonuses are secondary to its primary feature though, which is the ability to lay interdiction spheres, effectively inhibiting any ships from warping in or out within a 20 km radius. So while not possessing overly much firepower or tanking ability, a well-piloted Interdictor can typically rip through a small group of frigates, or more significantly boost the trapping ability of a small fleet by a huge amount.


Like their frigates, Gallente cruisers tend toward heavy armor tanks. Non-combat Gallente Tech 1 cruisers include the Exequror Cargo/Support cruiser and the Celestis electronic warfare boat.

Tech 1


Main article: Celestis

The Gallente Electronic Warfare cruiser, the Celestis (like most Electronic Warfare vessels) is not well-suited to travel/combat alone, but can be very effective in a group. The Celestis gains a 5% bonus per level of Gallente Cruiser to Medium Hybrid Turret damage and Remote Sensor Dampeners effectiveness, enabling the Celestis pilot to drastically lower its target's targetting range and similarly increase a target's locking time - making its reaction time much lower, and also causing anything that breaks a target's lock (changing range or being jammed) devastating.


Main article: Exequror

The Exequror is a heavy cargo/support cruiser that flexible enough to perform a variety of roles. The Exequror gets a 10% bonus to its considerable cargo capacity and a 10% reduction in remote armor repair capacitor usage per level of Gallente Cruiser skill, as well as a 500% bonus to the range of remote armour repair systems. Although the Exequror receives no bonuses to mining, its large drone bay (40 m3) means it can keep up a respectable rate while mining, and it has sufficient armor to last for quite a while against hostile frigates.


Main article: Thorax

The Thorax is a fairly good all-around cruiser. It carries five high slots and an equal number of turret hardpoints, so with its 5% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret damage and 5% less max capacitor penalty for Microwarpdrive usage per level of Gallente Cruiser, the Thorax is often employed as a blaster boat, using a MWD to get close to the target and then shredding it with blasters at extremely close range. Often a Thorax so used will include a webifier to slow down smaller vessels, allowing the blasters to track them.


Main article: Vexor

A rather flexible Gallente cruiser, the Vexor can be fitted to be a powerful missioner or an efficient miner, receiving a 10% bonus to drone mining/damage/hitpoints and a 5% increase in medium hybrid turret damage per level of Gallente Cruiser. In many ways the first true Gallente drone boat, the Vexor is also capable of higher damage than any other Gallente cruiser (and nearly any other T1 cruiser). As a miner, properly fit the Vexor can field 5 mining drones and 4 Miner II lasers. With such a setup, it is capable of out mining a low level Ore class vessel that uses only one strip miner.


Vexor Navy Issue

Main article: Vexor Navy Issue

The Vexor Navy Issue is a Gallente cruiser Loyalty Point reward.

Exequror Navy Issue

Main article: Exequror Navy Issue

The Exequror Navy Issue is a Gallente cruiser Loyalty Point reward.

Tech 2 Heavy Assault Ships

The Gallente Heavy Assault Ships are the Deimos and the Ishtar.


Main article: Deimos

The bigger brother of the ever-popular Thorax does not enjoy the popularity of the earlier model. While the Deimos is based on the same ideas - use a MWD to get into into close range, and unleash hell with blasters - the lower power grid relative to other close-range HACs makes it somewhat less favored. There is no denying, though, that a Deimos at close range is a very painful experience for anyone to go through.


Main article: Ishtar

The "little Dominix" can reach a drone bay rivaling its bigger brother with enough training, but enjoys the benefit of a cruiser's speed and mobility as well. While still facing the basic limitations of a cruiser - smaller capacitor, shorter-range weapon systems - it compares favorably to the Dominix, having much higher base resists and, ironically, just as many mids for Electronic Warfare or support.

Tech 2 Heavy Interdictors


Main article: Phobos

The Phobos is the Gallente Heavy Interdictor.

The choice of color (reddish pink) has been a highly questionable one for the Phobos, and with its shape taken into account, the ship carries definite phallic overtones. It is rare to find a Phobos with a name that is not some kind of sexual innuendo. Thankfully, the ship's color was darkened somewhat during the Trinity graphics update. Compared to other Heavy Interdictors, the Phobos is less on the defensive side, sporting dual bonuses to medium hybrid weaponry and a single bonus to armor resistances, which nevertheless together with its T2 resistances makes it nearly impervious to all damage types save explosive. In all other areas, the Phobos can be seen as a Thorax with more armor and a faster base speed, but no Microwarpdrive bonus or drones.

Tech 2 Logistics


Main article: Oneiros

This Gallente Logistics vessel, using an upgraded Exequror hull, is the ultimate "Missioner Support" vessel. It is capable of repairing armor at rates of over 1000 armor/6 second cycle from a distance of 50 km and boosting tracking computer speed at impressive levels, making any armor-tanked ship largely invulnerable as long as the capacitor holds out. In PvP, an Oneiros is a highly non-traditional choice; unless the ship can stay out of the range of the opposition, it is likely to be one of the first targets attacked.

Tech 2 Recon Ships

The Gallente Recon Ships are the Arazu and the Lachesis.


Main article: Arazu

One of the most feared Recon ships in small-gang work for its ability to both scramble someone's ability to warp from nearly 40km away, and then ensure that the victim cannot target the Arazu doing the scramming. Perhaps even more impressively, the Arazu can also mount a Covert Ops cloak, adding the uncertainty to its presence into any equation. Together with other Recon ships, especially the Minmatar Rapier, this ship presents one of the most simple, debilitating and long-ranged lockdown combinations available.


Main article: Lachesis

Like the Arazu, the Lachesis is capable of a very impressive scramble-damp combination. Unlike the Arazu, though, the Lachesis trades a Covert ability in exchange for a noticeably sturdier tank and a mildly effective damage-dealing ability (for an EWAR cruiser.)

Tech 3 Strategic Cruisers


Main article: Proteus

This Tech 3 modular ship can fit any number of roles.


Tech 1


Main article: Brutix

The Brutix doesn't look like an elegant battlecruiser – and its appearance hides nothing. For Gallente turret specialists, a Brutix fit with blasters and a MWD is an impressive weapon. Boasting 7 high, 4 mid and 5 low slots the Brutix can fit a reasonable tank (with the Brutix's repair bonus) while supporting its guns, which also enjoy a damage bonus. The 50 m3 drone bay is a lovely finisher, giving the pilot room for up to five medium drones. Capacitor, shields and armor are not small-sized on the Brutix.


Main article: Myrmidon

A Revelations release, the Myrmidon is the Gallente drone battlecruiser. Just as a Brutix is potent in the hands of turret users, the Myrmidon is equally as imposing in a drone specialist's grasp. Boasting a 6/5/6 slot loadout, the Myrmidon can be fit very flexibly, but the most common setup is to place Nosferatu in the highs, Electronic Warfare in the mids, and a ferocious tank in the lows, enjoying the same repair bonus as the Brutix. Another popular setup is having the ship as a passive shield tanker. With that configuration, it can even rival a Drake's tank.

With a 125 m3 drone bay supported by the Myrmidon's drone bonus, the ability to sit back and drain an opponent while two heavy drones, three mediums and a light work them over makes the Myrmidon a very respectable foe.

Tech 2 Command Ships

The Gallente Command Ships include the Astarte and the Eos.


Main article: Astarte

Of the two Gallente Command Ships the Astarte functions as a high-end blaster boat. When you want your enemy to be hurt this ship is a wonderful thing. Though it might not be able to tank a huge amount of damage, like other Command Ships can, its targets won't live long enough to kill it.


Main article: Eos

The Eos will more often than not find itself being used in a role similar to a Field Command ship due to the assortment of slots and bonuses it enjoys. Five lows for a great armor tank, five medium slots for Electronic Warfare or shield tanking should you wish, and a massive amount of drones to dish out pain as well as seven high slots for Nosferatus and turrets. Many times it will be found doing solo and small gang work.


Tech 1


Main article: Dominix

The Dominix is the Gallente drone battleship. It has a fairly versatile build and is without doubt the best non-capital drone ship in the game. Having a 375 m3 drone bay, it sports tremendous versatility and capacity for several types of drone warfare - fitting a five-set of small, medium, large, and sentry drones, mixing and matching damage types, or simply multiple waves of any one kind of drone. The Dominix also gets a 5% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret damage and 10% bonus to drone hitpoints and damage per Gallente Battleship skill level. By placing multiple cap rechargers in the mids and low slots, and 2 Large Armor repairers, this ship becomes an amazing PvE logistics ship that can support a fleet in battle and act as a tank if others have to warp out.


Main article: Megathron

Arguably the most popular fleet combat battleship, and certainly one of the most popular battleships for sniping overall, the Megathron gets a 5% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret damage and 7.5% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret tracking speed per Gallente Battleship skill level. The Megathron can also be used as a devastating close-in blaster boat, provided it can get into range … which can be a difficult feat for a battleship. While the damage potential of the Megathron compared to the tier 3 Hyperion (and the Caldari Rokh) is hotly debated, the Megathron is universally acknowledged as being a better value for its slightly lower price tag.


Main article: Hyperion

The Hyperion was designed to be an all-out Hybrid platform. Able to fit 8 blasters or railguns and a major tank, this is one beast you won't want to mess with. Typically fit as a blaster boat, it gets a 5% large hybrid weapon damage and 7.5% bonus to armor repair amount of armor repair systems per level of Gallente Battleship skill. While it is superior in attack power to the Megathron, it is also much more expensive. But since by far the most ISK is spent on equipment and only a minor part on the hull itself this hardly ever proved to be a problem when outfitting a battleship.


Megathron Navy Issue

Main article: Megathron Navy Issue

The Megathron Navy Issue is a Gallente battleship Loyalty Point reward.

Dominix Navy Issue

Main article: Dominix Navy Issue

The Dominix Navy Issue is a Gallente battleship Loyalty Point reward.

Tech 2 Black Ops


Main article: Sin

The Sin is the Gallente Black Ops battleship. Based on the Dominix, it is understandably a powerful droneboat, and with its slot layout and T2 resistances it can put up a formidable tank. It also features the ability of all Black Ops ships and Stealth Bombers; to potentially fly faster when cloaked, making it unpredictable in addition to lethally powerful, courtesy of bonuses to both drone and hybrid weaponry damage. Its agility bonus is somewhat dubious; some who use the ship's speed and who wish to be able to align fast might find it useful, but most battleship pilots agree that simply pre-aligning is always a better choice, and would opt for an armor bonus instead. Either way, being able to appear out of nowhere and overwhelm the enemy with heavy blasters and drones makes the Sin a fearsome ship.

Tech 2 Marauder


Main article: Kronos

The Kronos is the Gallente Marauder. If the Megathron is arguably the most popular PvP battleship out there, then the Kronos is a devastating upgrade. Fact is that other than the fact that it is a Marauder, little else needs to be said about the Kronos. As a sniper vessel using turrets, it is superior in range to the Amarr Paladin, with more consistent damage than the Minmatar Vargur, falling in somewhere between the both, and being notable for its superior tracking which allows it to engage smaller vessels more effectively. It can put up a tremendous Armor Tank, though a greatly lesser one than that of the Paladin due to its lesser armor amount and lower, less balanced resistances, and can field a full set of five scout drones to guard it from smaller threats. As a blaster platform, it is by far the most damaging Marauder out there, though it faces the same problem that all battleships do of getting into optimal range, and the same problem that all Marauders do of being sensor dampened and jammed.

Industrial ships

Gallente has the widest variety of Industrials of the four playable factions. An "Itty" becomes available at each level of the Gallente Industrial skill trained.

Tech 1


Main article: Iteron

Iteron Mark II

Main article: Iteron Mark II

Iteron Mark III

Main article: Iteron Mark III

Often the first Iteron purchased, as the time spent training the Gallente Industrial skill to III is shorter than the time it takes to train from III to IV.

Iteron Mark IV

Main article: Iteron Mark IV

Tends to be the most cost-effective Gallente Industrial ship to purchase, as a ratio of price to base cargo hold available. However, it is the smallest incremental increase in base cargo space of the Iteron class – a bare Iteron Mark IV has only an approximately 8% increase in cargo hold size over a bare Iteron Mark III, while the rest of the class ranges from 14% to 30% – and sacrifices a high slot in favor of a mid slot. However, an Iteron Mark IV is usually less expensive than any other Iteron but the Mark I.

Iteron Mark V

Main article: Iteron Mark V

The "Itty V" has the highest potential cargo hold size of any non-capital ship. Properly outfitted, it can contain the contents of a fully-loaded jetcan with room to spare. For this very reason, flying an Iteron V is somewhat of a rite of passage for non-combat pilots; it has also lead to the popularity of the Obelisk freighter, due overlap between their skill requirements.

Tech 2 Transport Ships

Gallente Transport Ships include the Occator and the Viator.


Main article: Occator

The Occator is the Gallente deep space transport. With 6 lowslots and an armour repair bonus it is capable of either an impressive armour tank or a cargo space almost as large as an Iteron Mark V.


Main article: Viator

The Viator is the Gallente blockade runner transport.

Capital Ships

The Gallente capital ships include the Erebus, the Thanatos, the Nyx and the Moros.


Gallente Carriers include the Thanatos and the Nyx.


Main article: Nyx

The Nyx is the Gallente mothership-class carrier.


Main article: Thanatos

The Thanatos is the Gallente carrier.



Main article: Moros

The Moros is the Gallente Dreadnought.



Main article: Erebus

The Erebus is the Gallente Titan.


Tech 1


Main article: Obelisk

The Obelisk is the Gallente Freighter.

Tech 2 Jump Freighters


Main article: Anshar

The Anshar is the Gallente Jump Freighter.

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