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A fleet (formely known as gang) is an organized group of ships. Any collection of ships may be organized into a fleet, regardless of ship type or character skill.


Fleet structure

A fleet is organized thusly:

Squadron Member
Anyone who is not otherwise assigned a position of leadership is a squadron member.
Squadron Commander
The leader of a squadron of up to 10 individual ships
Wing Commander
The leader of a wing, consisting of up to 5 squadrons.
Fleet Commander
The leader of the entire fleet.

A commander has a number of functions available to him that a squadron member does not.

  • The ability to warp the ships under his command as a unit
  • The ability to invite/remove ships into the command structure, and move them around.
  • Some ability in announcing directives.

All of these benefits are granted by the position in the fleet structure. Character skill does not apply.

Leadership benefits

Main article: Leadership skills overview

The Leadership skill category consists of skills that provide benefits to ships in a fleet structure. Some of the skills provide a direct benefit to the ships in the fleet, some of them improve the benefits of particular ship modules (Gang Assist Modules).

At each rank, there are two positions: Commander, and Booster. While related, these are distinct.

Command rank

Three skills determine your ability to properly command:

  • Leadership - allows leading up to 2 squadron members (including yourself) per level, up to a squadron size of 10
  • Wing Command - allows leading a wing of 1 squadron/level
  • Fleet Command - allows leading a fleet of 1 wing/level

If the person in the command slot has the proper skills, a 'booster' person assigned to the same level (fleet, wing, squadron) will make his/her gang benefits available to each position below him/her. However, a commander who does not have the required skills for his position will 'block' any benefits from his level or higher.

That is:

  • a skilled squadron commander passes any bonuses from the squadron booster to all members of the squad ... PLUS any bonuses the wing commander generates.
  • a skilled wing commander passes any bonuses from the wing booster to all squadron commanders. Any properly skilled squadron commanders pass those bonuses on to squadron members.
  • a skilled fleet commander passes bonuses from the fleet booster to all wing commanders.
  • if the squadron commander is unqualified for his squadron, no squadron members gain any bonuses.
  • an unskilled wing commander passes no benefits (wing or fleet) to his squadron commanders, but the squadron commander may still pass benefits to squadron members.
  • an unskilled fleet commander passes no benefits to the wing commanders.

The commander does NOT have to have the skills/ship modules to provide the benefits. That is the job of the booster. While a commander is the default booster for his organization, that position can be reassigned. The only requirements upon a commander (to pass benefits along) are the command skills.

Fleet Boosters

A Fleet Booster provides her gang bonuses to all ships at her level and below... as limited by the command structure. A booster may be selected for each grouping in the fleet. The booster can be any ship in the fleet, regardless of its location in the hierarchy.

Each squadron member gets the best of the available bonuses, as determined by the boosters that apply. If two boosters in that member's hierarchy provide benefits to the same ability (eg maximum velocity), only the best bonus will be used; they do not add.

The ship type, the modules it is equipped with, and the skills and implants of the pilot all determine the level of the bonus.


  • FleetLogger - A fleet-mining-tool: share your ISK easy to all your fleet-member

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