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Gate Camping Tactics

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A common overwhelming gate camp, entrance from high sec into low sec

Gate Camping Tactics, are probably the most common type of tactic used.

Most notably to newer players when they attempt to go from high security areas to low security areas. Upon entering the low security area they suddenly find themselves out numbered & out gunned by an overwhelming force often times in the order of 10 to 1, or 20 to 1, perhaps even realizing it far to late to the point their ship has already been destroyed, with their pod shortly to follow.

The words "Fairness" and "Camp" are like oil and water. Although you could argue that "Our enemies do it so do we." or "We do it because it works".

Gate Camping Tactics are often considered Offensive because they are assaulting an enemy.

Gate Camping Tactics, in reality are defensive, because they are attempting to hold territory (even if for a limited time). They are simultaneously attempting to deny the enemy an entrance to the system.

This is the very definition of a Defensive tactic.

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