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Brief Description

Some may call gate camping an art, others; cowardise. Gatecamping is the process of sitting on one of the stargates with a scout on the other side and blowing anything up that comes through. This is done in low security and 0.0 space, often in places of high traffic or where neutrals / enemies getting could cause havoc.

What's the point of Gatecamps?

Many do it just for the pure joy of blowing other players ships up, some do it for gain, and others do it to protect their valuble assets.

A particular example springs to mind of Udianoor where pirates would gate camp the system, blow up ships and take their modules from the wrecks. These modules would then appear on the market at an extremely low price which the pirates could afford because after all, they got the module for the price of a few missiles. These low prices attract other players to jump into the system to pick up their cheaply bought new items, on which they usually meet a gate camp. The process repeats and has a ripple affect.

Another reason to gatecamp would be to protect valuble assets on the other side. Before the introduction of Black Ops it was feasible to place a squad on each gate entering into the system you needed to protect rather than place a squad on each and every asset. However, Black Ops are not in widespread use so this reason still holds. For example, a mining haven in one system is where an alliance resides. The miners are all out in their ships bringing in the ore so they need protection. Instead of making sure each and every miner were safe, the alliance just blocks all traffic trying to enter the system.


Gatecamping tactics change from whether you are in low security or 0.0.

Low Security Gatecamping Tactics

In low security systems, the stargates there have sentry turrets which open fire when you either have a global criminal or start openning fire on an innocent bystander (anyone who has a security status of -4.9 and higher). This means that not just any ship can gatecamp. In normal warfare, the use of frigates or their tech II variants are normally used to hold down their opponents while other ships deal out dps. However, when gate camping in low sec a frigate, destroyer or a cruiser will not be able to tank the sentry gun fire. For obvious reasons bigger ships are required.

Battlecruisers and battleships are generally the ship of choice. These ships are big and can tank the sentry fire easily, however, these ships have extremely low scan resolution. This means most smaller ships will have time to warp off before a web scrambler can be activated on them, holding them in place. Ships generally use sensor boosters (modules fitted in medium slots used to increase scan resolution of fleet members) to help them catch smaller ships but still ships get away, especially the valuble ones, the transport ships.

A Solution to the Problem

A very simple solution to the problem was created by CCP itself, the Heavy Interdictors or HICs for short. These particular ships are the size of a cruisers but with the tank of a Heavy Assault Ship so it can sustain sentry gun fire. The bonus to this ship was, that it can use Warp Disruption Field Generators and when these items are combined with a script, it acts just like any other warp scrambler but with more points. The reason the usual bubble cannot be used is because in low security it is not permitted.

So, instead of fleet members increasing the scan resolution of other battlecruisers, they started sensor boosting these HICs allowing most gatecampers to catch almost all ships.

0.0 Gatecamping Tactics

The gatecamps in 0.0 might not differ from the ones in low security, however, most of them do. The use of bubbles makes taking on incoming traffic much more simple. It removes the need for the tackler and when placed on the stargate it disables anyone from warping away when they are in the bubbles.

However, the bubble will have the same affect on the fleet members which, if the situation gets hot is not suitable. So 0.0 tactics tend have sniping squads (battleships which can shoot from 180km and up) and a bubble placed on the gate or 'blaster' ships sitting right on top of the gate so if they need to leave they can just jump out.

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