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Gistum Centurion

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Gistum Centurion
Bounty: 79,688 ISK
Sec. Reward: 0.01375%

DPS: 43hp/s (EM: 15hp/s, Expl: 22hp/s, Kin: 6hp/s, Therm: 0hp/s)
Optimal Range: 12.50km, Falloff: 17.50km, Tracking: 0.022rad/sec
Max. Attack Range: 62km

Missile Type: Havoc Heavy Missile
Missile Damage: EM: 0hp, Expl: 150hp, Kin: 0hp, Therm: 0hp
Missile Rate of Fire: 15 second(s)
Missile Velocity: 4,826m/s
Missile Flight Time: 13 second(s)
Maximum Distance: 62km
Explosion Radius: 107m
Explosion Velocity: 965m/s
Explosion Falloff: 1,500m

Shield: 1,700hp
Resistances: EM: 59%, Expl: 29%, Kin: 39%, Therm: 49%
Shield Boost Chance: 44%, Amount: 105hp, Duration: 5 second(s)

Armour: 1,200hp
Resistances: EM: 59%, Expl: 29%, Kin: 39%, Therm: 49%
Armour Repair Chance: 60%, Amount: 0hp, Duration: 10 second(s)

Hull: 1,300hp

Signature Radius: 140m

Orbit range: 16,875m
Orbit velocity: 225m/s
Maximum velocity: 450m/s

Ladar Sensor Strength: 15 points

Angel asteroid Cruiser class rat.

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