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Were you looking for the Refining skill?

Refining is the process of items, particularly Ore, into minerals. When referring to the process of converting modules, ships, etc, it is typically called Reprocessing.

Refining and reprocessing can be performed at most NPC stations, as well as at outposts, mobile refineries at player owned stations, or at one of the conquerable stations.



Reprocessing dialog

One can refine ore at an NPC station in several fashions. One option is to select the reprocessing button from the selection of station services. A second option is to select ore in a hangar and select 'reprocess' from the right-click context menu. A third method is to select ore currently in your ship's cargo bay and select 'to hangar and refine'.

Either way, you are given a dialog with a scrolling list on the left of items in the hangar that you can select for reprocessing, and a list on the right of the results of reprocessing. Select 'Refine' at the bottom to complete the operation.

Refining ore at other locations happens in similar fashions, with one exception.

Whereas ore at an NPC station (or presumably outpost or conquerable station) is refined immediately, ore at a POS takes time to refine. The ore must be moved from the ship's hold to the storage in the refining array. (??) The array is set to start processing the ore (at which point the ore becomes inaccessible). A set period later, the minerals are placed into the array's storage. If the POS loses power/control (or even goes offline) during the process, the refining operation fails and the materials are lost for good.

Efficiencies and relevant skills

A refining facility (of any nature) has an efficiency rating. To this rating is added a factor moderated by player skill. The result may then be subject to a tax by the facility.

The refining efficiency rating of the facility is listed at the top on the right side of the Reprocessing dialog.

Facility efficiency

Most NPC stations have a basic efficiency rating of 50%, while some have a 35% rating. Player owned station refining arrays have various efficiency ratings, usually 35% or 50%. Outpost and conquerable stations have varying ratings as well.

Player efficiency

Players have an efficiency rating that starts at 37.5% and is modified by the skills Refining and Refinery Efficiency, as well as by any specialized skill for refining that particular material.

Refining provides a 2% improvement in the player's efficiency rating per rank.

Refinery Efficiency adds a 4% per rank improvement.

Each class of ore (Omber, Kernite, Veldspar) has a skill that improves the player factor by 5%/rank. Reprocessing ships, modules, and other items falls under the Scrapmetal Processing skill, which provides a similiar bonus.

The resulting rating is calculated by:

Net Player Efficiency = 0.375
* (1 + 0.02* Refining skill rank)
* (1 + 0.04* Refinery efficiency rank)
* (1 + 0.05* specific skill rank)

For example, a character refining Veldspar has the following skills: Refining V, Refinery Efficiency IV, and Veldspar Processing I. His efficiency rating, when refining veldspar, is:

0.375 * 1.10 * 1.16 * 1.05 = 0.502, or just over 50%.

When processing veldspar at a refinery that has a 50% efficiency rating, this character would achieve a 100% efficiency (50% facility + 50% personal). When processing at a 35% facility, he would have an 85% efficiency.

With Refining V and Refinery Efficiency V the standard refining value is 0.375 * 1.10 * 1.20 = 99.5% at a 50% rating refinery.

Station taxes

NPC stations will take a share of the proceeds amounting to 5% of the resulting minerals. This tax will be reduced by your standing with the corporation running the station. At a standing of about 6.67, the amount taxed will be zero. It is a good idea to learn connections skill, because it increases your standing with corporation. With Connections at Level V, you need a raw standing of about 5.84 to achieve zero tax.

Player controlled outposts and conquerable stations may have their own taxation structure in place.


The Cold War expansion brought refineries to most NPC stations in the game, allowing players to spread out more than they had previously. While most of these refineries have a 0.50 refinery modifier, there still exist some with a 0.35 modifier.

Additionally player owned stations and outposts can now control their own refineries, though the yield is significantly less than your average empire corp.

Credits for discovering/publicizing the formula go to Tinoga Enterprises Services.

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