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Griefing is a human condition common to MMOs and just about any anonymous social interaction. Simply put, griefing is having fun at the expense of others, while remaining anonymous and relatively untouchable. Generally it involves interfering with someone else's gaming experience for little or no actual reward other than to elicit grief, thus the name 'griefing'. See 4chan.

Generally, griefers will attempt to justify their actions as being part of the game. Griefing is extremely common and controversial in Eve Online. The hands off approach of CCP and the open game play system used in Eve create a great environment for griefing. Griefing is so common that there are entire corporations devoted to activities that are widely considered griefing.

The inverse opinion is that anyone complaining about griefing or griefers is a Care Bear. Care Bears are players that tend to avoid any conflict and stick to predictable, low risk, gaming. The hybrid of these two, which is generally reviled by both sides, is the Yar Bear. A Yar Bear is essentially the worst of both worlds. Yar Bears generally alternate between being Care Bears and Griefers, generally always on their terms, and they tend to complain about the actions of both archetypes, in some strange form of multiple personality disorder.

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