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Guristas Pirates faction ships

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Unashamed greed-driven pirates of the traditional type, the Guristas were formed by a pair of Caldari Naval officers gone rogue. Understandably, they use Caldari vessels and typically prey on Caldari space.

Only frigate, cruiser, and battleship faction ships exist at this time. These ships are generally considerably better than Tech I ships, though not necessarily better than Tech II ships. However, they do not have nearly as high skill requirements as Tech II ships. Faction ships range from mildly rare to extremely rare, and usually cost as much as or considerably more than a Tech II ship of the same class.

Playable Ships


Worm: Slow as frigates come, yet with a good turret/launcher split weapons layout and a velocity bonus for missiles and rockets, it is capable of swiftly dealing with most any target its own size.


Gila: A remarkable all-rounder, the Gila is a marked improvement on the Moa, with a velocity bonus to missiles that lends it a better ability to defeat smaller foes. In addition, its armor, shield, grid and slot layout are all significantly improved upon, although it still retains a rather unremarkable capacitor.


Rattlesnake: The ship is very popular due it's generous slot layout (6 low, 6 med, 8 high) as well as the bonuses that cater to both missile and/or hybrid turrets specialists.

Deadspace Ships

Asteroid Belt Ships

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