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A hardpoint is an available location on a ship to place a particular type of module or rig. Hardpoints serve as a limiting factor when fitting a ship.

Hardpoints were originally used to limit the number of turrets (turret hardpoints) and missile launchers (launcher hardpoints) that could be placed on a ship. Some ships have a number of both of these hardpoints, while many others have only one and are specialized as gunboats or missile boats, and there are sometimes fewer turret and missile hardpoints combined than there are high slots available on a particular ship type. (Note that even if a turret or launcher hardpoint is available on a ship, there may be other limiting factors, such as CPU and powergrid, that may prevent one of these modules from being used.)

Many high slot modules do not require a turret or launcher hardpoint to fit to a ship. These include smartbombs, energy vampires, remote armor repair projectors, salvagers, and all other high slot modules that are not turrets or missile launchers.

In a later expansion of EVE, upgrade hardpoints were added. These are spots on a ship where rigs may be attached. Tech 1 ships generally have more upgrade hardpoints that similar Tech 2 ships. Unlike turrets and launchers, rigs are destroyed when removed from an upgrade hardpoint.

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