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High Noon (1/2) A Few Cards Short (L3)

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Mission briefing

High Noon (1 of 2)
A Few Cards Short
Mission: High Noon
Mission Type: COSMOS
Agent Type: unknown
Offering Faction: varies
Mission Level: 3
Objective 1: Acquire
Objective 2: Kill
Mission Space: Complex
Enemy 1: Mercenaries and Others
Steps: 1

Have you ever had a nemesis, pilot? If you have, you know how it feels. That everpresent lingering burn in the pit of your stomach, sweat and chills when you see his name written, the obsession, the overpowering strength of emotion. In fact, it's not unlike... ahem. Yes, well.

So! I have a nemesis. And hoo boy, what a nemesis. He's the most down-and-dirty rat bastard you'll ever meet, the meanest of the mean, vilest of the vile. Heck, he even has the Zs and Xs in his name to prove it. And tomorrow at noon, we've decided to settle our differences once and for all. A straight-up duel, the way men used to do it when men were men, women were women, violets were blue and that one other thing.

But, you see, I think my nefarious tub of nemesishood isn't playing with a full deck. A bit loopy in the head, you know? He's gotten it into his head that he can bring an additional friend to a two-man duel, that low-down fink, and furthermore, he thought he could do it without my finding out! So what I need you to do is head on down to the contested mining facilities over in Friggi and dispatch the friend he thought he'd be clever enough to bring, then grab his ID tags from the wreckage and show them to me as proof he's dead. We're gonna have a fair duel if it kills me.

The guy's name is Garp Soolim. Take him out for me, would ya?


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Overview and Objectives

The following objectives must be completed to finish the mission:





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    Garp Soolim

Structures with Loot


The following rewards and bonuses will be yours if you complete this mission:

  • 291k isk
  • 261 isk within {{{deadline}}} minutes.

Loyalty Points



  • Gains:
  • Losses:
    • Faction: %

Mission Text


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