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History:Gallente History

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Gallente History

The Gallenteans have a history rocked by conflict. In the past, the federation’s home planet (un-officially), Caille, has at times been lorded over by dictators, overlords, and despots, but in the most recent times, the Federation had driven out these warlords, and put in place the first democracy in this new galaxy.

At one time, the Caldari and Gallenteans (along with the Intaki and Jin-Mei) were even part of the same empire, working together in harmony, until one day when they’re already strained relations were strained too far, and it all broke down. The newly built Federation was full of liberitarian, luxury-obsessed Gallenteans, and the Caldari State (at that time) was made from nationalistic, independent, corporate Caldari.

As the Gallenteans expanded outwards, and they discovered numerous Caldari settlements already there, the Gallentean government demanded the Caldari give them up. The Caldari were furious, as they already felt that the Gallenteans were too meddlesome, and they decided to make a stand.

As the war dragged on, the Caldari, with their newly designed frigate navies, and the Gallente, with their state-of-the-art automated defenses, a.k.a., drones, could make no progress. Toward the breaking point, they finally decided on a truce, as the war was carrying them nowhere. All it brought was pain and destruction, as the Gallentean’s homeworld was forever scarred when the Caldari’s flagship flew into the planet killing millions. Then the Gallente retaliated, bombarding Caldari Prime from space, rendering it un-inhabitable, and forcing the entire Caldari race into the stars.

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