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Minmatar History

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Eve Gate Opens

7987 AD

The Eve gate opens, allowing colonists from Earth's solar system to travel to the so-called "Eve cluster".

Discovery of Pator

8017 AD

The system CMS-17 is discovered, and Planet IV is quickly colonised, due to its highly hospitable conditions. CMS-17 is a highly fertile world with lush vegetation and mineral resources.

The system is later named Pator, and the planet, Matar. It is here that Minmatar civilization first distinguishes itself from the other cluster races and tribal history begins.

Eve Gate Closes

8061 AD

The wormhole known as the Eve Gate collapses and the races of the cluster start to forget its true nature, along with Earth.

Civilization on Matar

18622 AD

Distinct tribal civilizations evolve among the geographically separated groups on Matar. They gradually become aware of each other, but technology is insufficient to maintain regular communication.

The Golden Age of Minmatar Technology

20374 AD

By this date, the technological level of the Minmatar has advanced sufficiently for regular trade and the rate of technological advance speeds up, bringing the Minmatar into their first scientific golden age.

With the enabling of world-wide communications, a global culture develops, steeped in the Minmatar tribal traditions.

Minmatar Space Exploration

21413 AD

The first Minmatar spaceship is successfully launched.

Over the ensuing centuries, the Minmatar settle a number of planets and moons in three systems using ancient stargates.

Amarr Discovery of Pator

22355 AD

The Amarr arrive in the Pator system to find the system colonised by the Minmatar. Soon, they begin raiding the Minmatar Empire for slaves.

The Amarr Invasion

22480 AD

The Amarr invade and conquer the Minmatar empire. The day of the first major raid of the invasion becomes known as The Day of Darkness and coincides with one of the worst storms in Matar's history.

During the Amarr occupation, the ecology of Matar is devastated by environmental exploitation.

The Minmatar Rebellion

23216 AD / 80 EVT

The Amarr and their Ammatar collaborators are expelled from Minmatar tribal space. The Ammatar establish their own nation in Derelik that is semi-autonomous to the Amarr, but has an Amarr governor who approves foreign policy.

The nascent Minmatar Republic and the Ammatar Mandate fall swiftly into war, and the Ammatar, with suspected funding from the Amarr Empire and Caldari State, establish Fort Kumar and start to successfully push back Republican forces with the Fortresses Kameira troops.

The Youl Conference

23236 AD / 100 EVT

Eve Standard Time (EVT) established.

The Ascension of Karin Midular

Karin Midular, bearer of the auspicious Voluval mark, The Ray of Matar, becomes head of the Sebiestor Tribe and Prime Minister of the Minmatar Republic. She vows to prevent another invasion "by any means necessary". Her time in office, however, is dogged by allegations of appeasement and collaboration, such as prohibiting the bearing of uncovered Khumaak at public functions.

With apparent backing from the Amarr, the Ammatar manage to establish huge mining bases in Uplingur, a solar system in the most hotly contested part of space between them and the Minmatar Republic. The system is home to the moon, Ndoria, which has huge deposits of several valuable minerals.

The Ceasefire With The Mandate

A ceasefire is finally called in the war with the Ammatar and negotiations begin for peace. A POW exchange is offered, along with Udorian mining rights in Republic space. The Bloody Hands of Matar attack the Ammatar ambassador to the peace talks, killing station personnel in the attack. Their political wing, The Voices of Matar, claim there can be no peace with the Ammatar.

The Defiants

Captain Karishal Muritor was a young and decorated Captain of the Republic Fleet, serving in Molden Heath. He is denied a special taskforce to clean up the area by his old friend and commander, Admiral Kanth Filmir. Muritor later vanishes with the Republic Fleet's Hel flagship, the Alfhild, and its Nidhoggur support carriers, the Magni and Modii.

He resurfaces leading The Defiants, an anti-Amarr group named after the groups in past times who fought for freedom, and destroys an Amarr battlestation in the Bleak Lands and a slave-breeding facility.

The Amarr government places pressure on the Minmatar Republic, and Karishal Muritor is executed after refusing to stand down during a meeting with Admiral Filmir. This causes widespread outrage and rioting on Minmatar worlds, fuelled by The Bloody Hands.

Outrage in CONCORD

The Republic's Ambassador to the CONCORD assembly, Keitan Yun is forcibly removed from the assembly after calling for extreme sanctions against the Amarr Empire in very strong terms. He makes threats to CONCORD.

The Starkmanir

Much of the Starkmanir tribe was believed wiped out following the bombing of their home world and the calculated genocide by the Ardishapur family, however the Servant Sisters of Eve report discovering a pure colony of Starkmanir on a world in Derelik, the Ammatar Mandate.

After some days, Prime Minister Midular agrees to investigate the claims in cooperation with the Amarr Empire. This causes further outcry.

Midular eventually steps down as Prime Minister and calls for elections. Maleatu Shakor is the only candidate who stands.

The Elder Fleets

Shakor collaborates with Yun and mysterious Tribal Elders to attack CONCORD in Yulai with the Elders' fleet. In the ensuing chaos, another fleet strikes into Derelik and rescues the Starkmanir, while a third enters Sarum and bombs the planets with Insorum, freeing many slaves of their Vitoc control.

They rescue many, but the Fleet is devastated by Jamyl Sarum's Abaddon and 12 BS support using an unknown weapon.

The Elder Fleets withdraw to Thukker tribal space in Great Wildlands with their refugees on board.

Prime Minister Midular sacks Keitan Yun for apparently orchestrating the attack on CONCORD.

The Ascension of Maleatu Shakor

Shakor, as the only standing candidate, is elected Prime Minister, though there is a low voter turnout.

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