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EVE Alliance Map

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EVE Automatic Influence Map

The purpose of this map was to create an objective, unbiased political map of New Eden. The map was to be based solely on public facts, such as sovereignty of the solar systems, and not on anyone's thoughts and opinions.

The map represents the following: Each claimed solar system emits influence into nearby space. Systems with an outpost emit 6 times more influence than regular claimed ones (i.e.: without an outpost). Similarly, systems with greater sovereignty levels emit more influence than regular claimed ones.

The map is fully calculated and generated using Java programming. No human influence is exerted during this process. Some alliances do not appear on the map, because their influence is too low when compared to their neighbors' influence.

The EVE Automatic Influence Map in full color.

Source(s): Game solutions

EVE Manual Influence Map

This is the latest version of the Alliance Map created by Joshua Foritain. This map is actively updated and showcases the claimed territories of the various Alliances in EVE, as well as the ongoing wars between them. The map was created from a screenshot of the in-game map, that was later altered in an image editing program to add highlights and labels. The creator relied upon in-game information, personal experience, and player input to keep the map accurate over time.

The Alliance Map is a continuation of the Territorial Map created by many. These maps are not always perfectly accurate, and you may discuss needed changes on the EVE-Online forums.

Source(s): Game solutions

The EVE Manual Influence Map

Please Note that the Manual Influence link has not been updated since July 2008.

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