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The Ore Thief

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The Ore thief is a criminal that uses Eve's mining system to his advantage. In Eve Online there is no convenient way to mine ore other than to jettison it and later pick it up with a hauler (This is no longer correct. With the introduction of the Orca it is now possible to dump ore directly into an Orca's corp hangar, effectively making jetcan mining obsolete for those with the skills to fly Orca.). This leaves the miner open to ore thieves, who can extract the ore from the jettisoned containers and take it for themselves. However, when someone steals from a container the ones that stole are open for attack for 15 minutes from the person who owned the container and his corporation (unless he is in a NPC corp).

Ore thieving is a controversial topic, since many people feel that without the possibility of ore thieving there wouldn't be any risk to mining in systems that are Concord protected; however, miners who frequent those systems feel that it is unfair that they have no real way to protect themselves that do not make mining inefficient and inconvenient in ways that are worse than the occasional ore thief. The best way to avoid them is to find a system that has low population or have someone to haul for you on the spot.

A new flagging system was introduced in Red Moon Rising that flags ore thieves for the victim.

Professional thieving
The remainder of this article is intended as an informative guide to anyone considering ore theft as an in-game profession.

OK then.....lesson 2 for the budding ore thief. How to set up your hauler. Well, this one depends a LOT on what your priorities are and, of course, how fat your wallet is. If you can afford to get suicide ganked in an Itty V full of 24% cargo expanders then good luck to you and that, really, is the key to whole thing. Can you (a) afford to lose it, are you (b) going to get stressed if you lose it and are you (c) bothered about getting podded?

The answer of course is "don't fit what you're not prepared to lose". Even if you operate only in the highest sec space, sooner or later some suicide kessies are going to come for you. (Which I will discuss in lesson 4).

My own personal view is that it's all about shields. Sure, you can lift a lot of ore with expanders fitted but that's no use to you when you get jumped by the irate owner of that ore. In nearly 2 years I've been podded once, and that was very early in my career.

My own set up is power diagnostics in the low slots and mid slots full of shields. An Iteron V can be tanked to well over 3k shield this way. Carry cargo expanders (not expensive ones) in your hold. If you come across someone who clearly doesn't present a threat then just dock and fit the expanders. Save 1 slot for a 10NM AB.

The Itty V can also fit a 10NM MWD with the help of a few micro auxiliary power cores. Some people prefer this ability to swoop in on their prey but I don't like the amount of shield I have to remove to fit it.

There are of course other haulers. Most notably the Badger and Badger 2 which can be very well tanked but, really, if you're serious do the training and get the Itty V.

Caldari Badger Mk. II Set-up
High Slots
1 Light Neutron Blaster (Filled with Antimatter Ammo)
1 Small NOS
Medium Slots
1 10mm Afterburner
2 Multispectral ECM Jammer
1 Small Capacitor Booster (Filled with 150 Booster Charges)
1 Capacitor Recharger
Low Slots
1 Small Armor Repairer
2 Nanofiber Structures

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