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Hybrid Turrets

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A hybrid turret is a type of turret often favored for use by Gallente and Caldari ships. They come in two types, long-range railguns and short-range blasters. Both combine aspects of laser and projectile weapons, requiring capacitor and hybrid charges to fire.

Blasters typically have the highest DPS of all turrets but require extremely close ranges to be effective, while railguns have extremely long range but sacrifice raw damage. The type of hybrid charge used will modify the amount of damage done by and range of the turret, as well as the capacitor required to fire the weapon. Generally the longer the range, the less damage done and capacitor required.

Hybrid turrets deal roughly equal amounts of kinetic and thermal damage, making them equally effective against both armor and shields.

Capacitor consumption can be an issue with hybrid turrets, particularly with the more powerful types within a given size group (150mm, 250mm, and 425mm for railguns, and neutron blasters). Good fitting and/or module management may be necessary to continue firing in long engagements, but the immense amount of DPS or extremely long range that hybrid turrets are capable of can be well worth these sacrifices.

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