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Ore is harvested from Asteroids in an Asteroid belt by using Mining Lasers.

In a similar fashion, Ice is harvested from Ice fields using Ice Harvesters. Ice Harvesters belong to the Strip Miner class of equipment, and may only be mounted on Mining Barges (and the Tech 2 equivalent, Exhumers).

Most ice products are used in the operation and maintenance of Player Owned Stations. The POS Control Towers of each race require materials from ices found predominately in that race's general area of influence.

Ice refining products

Ice name Heavy Water Liquid Ozone Strontium race specific
Blue Ice 50 25 1 300 Oxygen Isotopes
Thick Blue Ice 75 40 1 350 Oxygen Isotopes
White Glaze 50 25 1 300 Nitrogen Isotopes
Pristine White Glaze 75 40 1 350 Nitrogen Isotopes
Clear Icicle 50 25 1 300 Helium Isotopes
Enriched Clear Icicle 75 40 1 350 Helium Isotopes
Glacial Mass 50 25 1 300 Hydrogen Isotopes
Smooth Glacial Mass 75 40 1 350 Hydrogen Isotopes
Glare Crust 1000 500 25
Dark Glitter 500 1000 50
Gelidus 250 500 75
Krystallos 100 250 100

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