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See Hauling Guide for usage of these ships.

Industrial ships are medium-sized cargo haulers -- falling between smaller non-dedicated ships such as frigates, and their larger freighter cousins. The Industrial ship class sits somewhat off to the side of the usual ship progression path.

Industrials form the lifeblood of most economic activity. Even grizzled outer-rim pirates occasionally need to haul their ill-gotten spoils in an Industrial. These ships excel in having a huge amount of of cargo hold, generally capable of carrying from 5,000 m3 to 15,000 m3 or more, depending on model and fitting. Correctly fitted, the largest industrial, the Gallente Iteron Mark V is capable of holding the contents of an entire jetcan in its cargo hold.

As suitable as they are for cargo hauling, so are they unsuited for combat work. Industrials typically have at most one turret hardpoint, no launcher hardpoints and no drone bay. They are generally very slow and cumbersome, and are more or less sitting ducks against anything larger than a frigate or two. Because of this they are seldom found alone outside of highsec systems, and any pilot who brings one outside of there unescorted is either bait or asking for the ship to be split open.

Tech 2 industrials are called Transports.

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