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Instas were a special type of Bookmark

Players could create instas for most stationary targets, such as planets, moons, asteroid belts, stations and stargates before the Revelations patch added "warp to 0."

Warning: While the spirit of instas are still alive in how players plan their bookmarks, the techniques listed below are outdated and no longer required. The information is now more of a historical archive.


Archived Information

To create an insta, the player must warp to a target, and then continue flying past the object for about 15kms. This is so that when they emerge from warp that they are at the location they are aiming for.


For most stargates warp to them from another gate or a Rally Point somewhere in the system (such as a regularly used station) and then travel about 10kms past them. Ensure that you have the gate and your point of origin lined up, and then bookmark the location. Make sure you name it appoiatly, such as Mara - Piekura for a G2G (Gate to Gate) jump, or Stargate (Piekura) for a R2G jump.


For stations, you can usually just bookmark the location that you exit the station from.

The How To Section

There is a technique you can use to speed up mining, trade routes, and travel. Maybe not speeding up the mining itself, but how you get the ore from the asteroid belt to the refinery, Bookmarks.

When you travel, the system is configured to stop you no closer than 15km from your destination. This makes travel tedious and sometimes even dangerous. A bookmark will allow you to come out of warp 15km from where you set the bookmark. If you set your bookmark in a straight line, 15km past your target, then you can drop out of warp right on top of your target. For larger structures such as stargates or stations it is better to only go 8km past your target. When this technique is applied to hauling ore for mining operations it will allow you to drop out of warp within transfer range of your container. Also, a bookmark at the station to where you're transporting your ore to will allow you to dock immediately, thus saving much travel time.

Making such bookmarks is very important when you want to speed up your mining and when you're mining in a group. One industrial ship with good bookmarks can easily keep up with the mining production of three battleships. Instead of having two people mining and two people hauling you can have three people mining and one person hauling. This will easily equate into more ore mined per session which directly translates into more ISK or minerals for the group.

Guide on making a bookmark

Ok first of we want to make a bookmark in the belt we're going to mine in. It's best if you make these bookmarks as what I want to call them spots.

If you're using mining lasers 2 you have a range of 12km in each direction, so make the most out of that. Make your bookmarks so you can reach 12 km to your left, and 12km to your right. Start from the outer left asteroid and travel in to the belt until you get 12 km from it.

Stop your ship at 12 km from it and jettison something in to space. Can be anything, 1 piece of ore, or a module or ammo. Lock on to that jettison cargo container so you can see the distance to it.

Now in space, find the location of the station where you are warping back and forth to, to drop of your ore. It's not that hard, stations in space are marked as a white square, just turn your view around and move your mouse over the white squares until you find the station your using. When you find it, click it once so it becomes highlighted with a bigger white square, this is so you can more easily see it.

Ok so you now have your jettison cargo container targeted and you have marked the station in space where you're going to. (Look at the picture above)

Now start to fly in the opposite direction of where the station is in space. If you're looking at the station icon in space, turn 180 degrees and fly away from it.

Fly away from it until you reach 15 km from the targeted jettison container. This is important; you have to stop at 15 km, since 15 km is the approach flight distance. When your ship has come to a halt at 15 km from the jettison cargo container check how well your jettison cargo container aligns with the station icon.

Meaning, your jettison cargo container should be aligned so that it's in (or very close) the stations white square in space. You should have a straight line from your ship to the jettison cargo container to the station. (Like I said, in the white square that symbolizes the station in space or as close as possible). You may have to move your ship a little until you get there, make small adjustments, but the closer you get to a straight line, the better your bookmark will be.

Once you have your ship aligned with the cargo container and the station at 15 km make your bookmark. You make a bookmark by going to the left menu, click people and places. When People and places window comes up click the tab places. Now at the bottom of your people and places window you have a button called Add bookmark, click it. You will now get a new small window asking what to label this bookmark, make sure you label it something you can understand later on when looking at it, say weeks later. Something like; Ellmay Belt VIII - 1 if you're in the solar system Ellmay and ant the belt VIII-1.

If you don't label your bookmarks with something you and others can understand you wont be able to figure out what the bookmark is good for at a later time and you will have a lot of bookmarks in time. You wont be able to share the bookmarks you made because no one else knows what it's for.

When you've finished making the belts bookmarks you need to make a bookmark for the station. So warp to the station you're using to drop of you ore at.

When you come out of warp, don't dock. Just try to align your ship in a straight line from where you came out of warp and fly through the station until you reach 12 km.

So in basic language fly straight forward at 180 degrees from where you came out of warp. (This means you will fly through the station to reach 12 km, use a small vessel large ones just get stuck in the stations gravity filed)

This is the same method you used when doing the belt bookmark only thing that is different is that you don't have a jettison cargo container or the station icon to try to align in a straight line.

You can do it this way because the station is so much larger then your jettison cargo container, so that if you don't get a straight line it doesn't matter that much, just as you come some what close to it.

Why you have to use 12 km for station are because they have a bigger radius (they're huge). As you may have noticed when you dock at a station you do it when you're about 1500- 2000 meters away from its center. And then we add a 1000-15000 meters for error. So we get 12 km as a limit to use for making bookmarks at stations.

Once you have reached 12 km from the station make sure your ship stops there (either target the station to see at what range you are, or move your mouse over it to see the range), make your bookmark, label it something like, Ellmay Belt VIII - 1 Station.

Then you will know later on that this is the bookmark to use when I'm mining in the belt VIII - 1.

Bookmarks for traveling

You can also make bookmarks for traveling; say you have a travel road where you jump through a couple of systems. This takes time, since you once again have to approach each gate from 15 km.

You can then use the same method as making bookmarks for belts, but as with making bookmarks for gates you need to use 12 km as the range. If you use 15 km you will most probably miss the gate with a few 1000 meters and still have to approach it.

Creating Folders in your People and Places

A tip here, create folders in your people and places window to organize your bookmarks. For example, if you have a lot of bookmarks for Ellmay mining fields create a folder and name it Ellmay Mining fields. Then move your Ellmay mining bookmarks to that folder.

Yes it's a little work, but on the other hand, it's a few minutes work to keep your bookmarks in order and you will be thankful for it in the future when you have a few hundred bookmarks and are wondering what the hell bookmark number 21 named blabla does.

Ok so you have now made a bookmark for the 1 spot in the belt, if you know your going to be mining there for a while you may want to create another bookmark for spot 2. A smart thing when making several bookmarks in the same belt is to add a number to them also like this. Ellmay Belt VIII - 1 1, Ellmay Belt VIII - 1 2, Ellmay Belt VIII - 1 3 and so forth. This will make it easier for you if some one asks you where you're mining, you can answer, I'm at Ellmay Belt VIII - 1 spot 2. And they would then know that your using the bookmark Ellmay Belt VIII - 1 2 so they can if they have the same bookmarks warp directly to you.

Sharing bookmarks

Ok so say you've made bookmarks and want to share them, so how do you do this?

It's easy, have your people and places window open, make sure you have clicked the tab places. Find the bookmark/s you want to share and click it once to highlight it, push down the keyboard key shift and hold it down, left click the bookmark and hold down the mouse button. Now drag it to either, your personal hangar, your cargo bay or the corp. hangar.

Just make sure the surface you drag it to is empty, then let go. You should now see an exact same bookmark labeled the same way where you dropped it.

If you're the one that wants to import a bookmark, just left click it, hold down, drag it to your personal hangar or cargo bay (you can only import a bookmark from one of those places). Then make sure your people and places window is open, hit the tab places, now drag the bookmark from your cargo bay or your personal hangar to your places window. Same thing there make sure you drop it in an empty area other wise the bookmark will not import.

If you're having problems understanding the basics of making bookmarks, ask one of the more experienced members to help you with it. Because bookmarks is something almost everyone uses, and therefore something you need to learn how to both make and use.

Also remember, bookmarks are often something important, made by either you or some one in your corporation. You don't want to share them with others, don't have them lying around in a floating container in space or in your cargo bay.

Why not?

Because say you're mining in low sec or traveling in low sec using bookmarks. Let's say you've made copies for a friend but haven't handed them over yet, or you just joined up in the mining operation and just got the bookmarks from a friend and have them in your cargo bay.

Then a pirate shows up, he blows up your ship and finds the bookmark in the debris.

The pirate now has a way to direct warp to the group who is mining if he comes back later, or if it's a safe spot bookmark (safe spot is a place in space where you make a bookmark so no one else can reach you) he can now then warp to that safe spot and if the others are there waiting for the pirate to leave, well you can imagine the rest.

Don't travel around with bookmarks in your cargo bay, don't have them lying in a jettison cargo container for some one else to pick up.

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