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Invention has opened wider access to the Tech Level II industry, specifically by gathering data, tools, materials, and technology through Exploration and Research Agent means. By processing this data using decryptors and datacores, utilizing Tech Level I blueprint copies, and disassembling altered versions of modules, you can create limited-run blueprint copies of Tech Level II items, but with one disadvantage: They will be very inefficient and time-consuming to manufacture. This provides you with a way to break into the Tech Level II business, providing market competition opportunity for those willing to put in the effort, while still allowing original Tech Level II manufacturers (who got their T2 BPOs in the now-defunct blueprint lottery system) to keep their edge in longevity, efficiency, and production time.

The Tech II market has become a lot more affordable with the advent of invention. Now that many are dealing with R&D Agents to procure datacores for sale the supply of them has increased to the point where many Tech II items that last year may have been worth 10m+ each are now barely worth over 1m. Some scoff such widespread proliferation of Tech II but by and large it's a good way to deal with the ever increasing playerbase that the Tech II BPO holders would ever have been able to satisfy.

Invention is based on taking a blueprint copy for a lower tech item, adding certain specialized equipment, and attempting to create a blueprint copy for a higher tech item.

What you must have to engage in invention:

  • A single blueprint copy of the Tech I item.
  • Datacores as listed on the invention tab of the blueprint.
  • One data interface of a particular type.
  • Skills matching the datacores.

Optional additions:

  • An actual Tech I item of the type being researched
  • A decryptor of a particular type

Invention jobs use lab slots, not factory slots. Once you deliver the job, you will receive a message notifying you of the outcome. An invention job will always destroy the Tech I BPC, datacores, Tech I item and decryptors.

The time it takes to complete the invention job depends on where it takes place. The base research time is 4 hours. The time is then modified by the assembly line in the location the job takes place in as listed below. Also listed below is the basic cost of starting a job:

  • Empire station in 0.5+ - multiplier: 2.5 (10 hours) - 200.000 ISK
  • Empire station in 0.4 and lower - multiplier: 2.0 (8 hours) - 150.000 ISK
  • POS in 0.5+ - multiplier: 1.5 (6 hours)- 120.000 ISK
  • POS in 0.4 or lower - multiplier: 1.0 (4 hours) - 90.000 ISK
  • non-Caldari Outpost - multiplier: 0.75 (3 hours) - 75.000 ISK
  • Caldari Outpost - multiplier: 0.5 (2 hours) - 50.000 ISK


Datacores and data interfaces

Datacores can be obtained from Research agents in exchange for research points or from the market. Each Research agent sells datacores corresponding to his fields, so a Research agent with the Rocket Science field would sell Datacore - Rocket Science, for instance.

The datacores required for invention of a Tech II BPC correspond to the two skills required to manufacture the item itself. For example, manufacturing an 1MN Afterburner II requires the skills Molecular Engineering and Rocket Science. The two datacores required to invent the corresponding Tech II BPC for an 1 MN Afterburner II are thus Datacore - Molecular Engineering and Datacore - Rocket Science. Datacores are always destroyed during invention, no matter whether the job was successful.

Data interfaces are manufactured using ingredients found in Hidden Complexes and in certain COSMOS. They require using Hacking and Archaeology to harvest, along with additional skills for manufacturing. All blueprints that can be invented are explicitly linked to one of the eight types of data interfaces, which will tell you which interface you need for the invention attempt. The data interface is never destroyed in a job.

Decryptors and tech I items

Each data interface has a corresponding group of decryptors, and each Tech II item obviously has a corresponding group of Tech I items. The decryptors and Tech Is are not necessary for invention attempts, though they will improve your chances. They will be destroyed in the attempt irrespective of its success.

The higher the Meta Level of the Tech I item, the higher the chance of successful invention, so best quality named items give the best increase in chance. Tech I items with a meta level of 6 or higher (i.e. faction/deadspace/officer/COSMOS kit) cannot be used in invention attempts.


Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar Chance ME PE Runs
War Strategon Installation Guide Stolen Formulas Assembly Instructions 1.8 -1 2 4
Classic Doctrine Prototype Diagram Test Reports Advanced Theories 1.2 2 5 1
Formation Layout Tuning Instructions Collision Measurements Calibration Data 1.1 3 3 0
Sacred Manifesto User Manual Engagement Plan Operation Handbook 1.0 1 4 2
Circular Logic Interface Alignment Chart Symbiotic Figures Circuitry Schematics 0.6 -2 1 9

Research Corporations

Each empire faction has its own research corporations, which are the following:

The Amarr Race:

The Caldari Race:

The Gallente Race:

The Minmatar Race:

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