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Invention Walkthrough

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This is intended to be a walkthrough of the invention and manufacture system as required for such missions as Balancing the Books (10 of 10). As such, it will use the items of this particular mission for examples.

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Main article: Invention

The first thing to know with Invention, is that you are turning a Blue Print Copy into a chance of a blue print copy for a Tech II item.

Step 1: Gather your required materials

IW Blueprint I.jpg

To invent a new "tech 2" blueprint, you must have a minimum set of materials.

First, you need a blue print copy to research. For our example, you acquired one from the agent.

On the blueprint, under "Bill of Materials" and "Invention" (as shown to the right), you'll see the skills and materials needed in order to use this blueprint for invention. Usually, you will need some variety of data interface, and two Datacores.

For our example, you will have acquired these during the course of the mission series. For 'real' inventing, you would need to acquire the materials in some other fashion. See Invention for more details.

Note 1: If the blueprint does not have an 'invention' tab, you cannot use it in the Invention system.
Note 2: The only statistic that matters on the blue print copy is the number of runs. Production efficiency and Time Efficiency are irrelevant. Usually, you will want to start with a copy that has a maximum number of runs.

Step 2: Find an installation

Installation choosing tool
Next, you need to find some place to process the invention. (Choose the activity "Invention".) Not all stations have invention capability, but some do. Player Owned Stations can be configured to have them, as can Outposts, but you may have to negotiate with the owner to gain access.

You will note that each invention slot lists a "Install Cost" and a "Cost per Hour". You will need to take these into account, although NPC costs for invention do not seem to vary. (Unlike NPC costs for manufacture or research.)

You will want to find a station that has an open slot ('Now'), or be willing to wait an additional time for the slot to clear before your job starts. Any means of getting to the station works. For instance, you can click on the station in the top of this window and select "set Destination" to fly to the system, and when in the same system, select "dock".

When you get to your destination, you will need to move the blueprint and other required items to your hangar, or perhaps your corporation's hanger.

Step 3: Installing your (invention) Job

The invention dialog
This is the dialog that starts up your invention job. You can get here by selecting an invention slot in the Installation Chooser, and selecting Install Job. You can also get here by right-clicking on the blueprint and selecting Invention.

At a minimum, you need to have both an installation (station) and a blueprint selected, as well as an indicator of where to get the items, and where to put them (Input/Output).

The tutorial item we are inventing has a 100% chance of success. The chance of success with 'real' inventions is much less. For those, you can specify a decryptor and a base item, both of which are consumed by the invention process, and both of which improve your chance of success.

Step 4: Run the Job

Accepting the Quote
Once you've hit OK on the invention dialog, you are presented with the quote. This tells you
  • What items are required, and what skills are relevant
  • When the job will start, and how long it will take.
  • A breakdown of the costs (installation, usage, and total).
  • Time and material factors related to your skill and the station's facilities.

Items will take some percentage of 'damage' per run. Items that take 100% damage are removed. (This is how materials are 'consumed' by the invention process.) Note that your datacores and blueprint will be consumed, and your interface will not.

Go ahead, hit "Accept Quote", and you're on your way.

Step 5: Waiting

Finding your invention job

Now ... you wait. Read a magazine, go mine ore, shoot up some bad guys. Come back when the job is done.

How do you know? Easily enough done. Go back to your friend, the Science & Industry window, and select the 'Jobs' tab. Choose useful settings, then press "Get Jobs". Your job will be listed. If you click on it, the dialog will show useful things about the job, including how long it has left, before it is done. This updates in real time, so you can leave the dialog up if you want a second-by-second countdown timer.

Your labor is rewarded.

When the job is done (and you have it selected), there will be a Deliver button at the bottom of the dialog. Click that to have the product of your job delivered to you. Pick it up from your hangar, and you're done!


Making the Device

To create the perpetual motion device, you need to do the same things as you did for inventing the new blueprint.

  1. Gather the blueprint, and the materials required to manufacture the item.
  2. Find an installation with open slots. This time, you need to select "Manufacturing" instead of "Invention", to find the right kind of slots. Note that the cost to install, and the cost per hour, differ greatly between stations. Cheaper installations may require wait times.
  3. Move the blueprint and materials to the hangar on the station.
  4. Install the job.
  5. Wait for it to finish.

Applicable skills

  • Scientific Networking allows you to start an Invention job without having to be at the station. The materials used in the job still have to be at the station, though.
  • Hacking and encryption methods may be useful in acquiring the parts needed to invent new items.

See Also

  • Invention describes the basics of what is needed to invent things.
  • Research describes both the copying of blueprints, and the improvement of blueprint originals
  • Manufacturing describes the process of using blueprints to create new items.

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