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Jaspet has many mineral types, making it easy to sell. It has a large portion of mexallon plus some tritanium, pyerite and nocxium. It has a portion size of 500 ore units for refining.

Found in:

  • Amarr space - 0.4 and below
  • Gallente space - 0.4 and below

Volume : 2 m3
Units of ore needed to refine : 500

1-dose yield:
259 Tritanium
259 Pyerite
518 Mexallon
259 Nocxium
8 Zydrine


Pure Jaspet

Pure Jaspet is popular amongst corporate miners who are looking for various minerals for manufacturing, rather than mining purely for profit.

1-dose yield:
272 Tritanium
272 Pyerite
544 Mexallon
272 Nocxium
8 Zydrine

Pristine Jaspet

Pristine Jaspet is very rare, which is not so surprising when one considers that it is formed when asteroids collide with comets or ice moons. It has 10% better yield than normal Jaspet.

1-dose yield:
285 Tritanium
285 Pyerite
570 Mexallon
285 Nocxium
9 Zydrine

Ore's Card Game Version

Card Type : Location > Asteroid Belt
Cost : 3
Income : 0
Mining : 3

Home Region > Your starbase gains /+1

Outer Region > Jaspet gets (+3).

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