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Jet Can

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A Jet Can
A Jetcan, or more correctly "Jettisoned Container" is produced when a player right-clicks an item(s) from their ship's cargo hold, and left clicks "jettison" in the pop-up menu. The game client labels the object thus produced a "Cargo Container".


Cargo Container


This cargo container is flimsily constructed and may not survive the rigors of space for more than an hour or so.


  • Mass : 10,000.0 kg
  • Capacity : 27,500.0 m3
  • Volume : 27,500.0 m3


A Jetcan, or more correctly "Jettisoned Container" is produced when a player right-clicks an item(s) from their ship's cargo hold, and left clicks "jettison" in the pop-up menu.

The jettisoned container is usually produced within 500m of the players ship, with the selected items inside. Jettisoned containers "implode" typically one to two hours after creation, although this can vary.

Almost all ships (including shuttles, but excluding freighters) have the capability to jettison cargo in this manner, and produce jettison containers.

A ship may produce a jettison container every two minutes.

Since the Red Moon Rising expansion, if someone else takes something from a container that you "own" that player is criminally flagged to you (and other corp-mates if you are in a player corp) for 15 minutes.

Jettisoned containers may be brought closer through the use of a tractor beam.

Before Revelations, loot from destroyed ships was found in cans, now it can be found in wrecks. Salvaged wrecks with loot will drop their loot in loot jet cans (you cannot move items back to them, you can only take them from those cans).

Jet Can mining

Jets cans are commonly used while mining for the purpose of storing ore until such time as a “hauler”, in an industrial class ship, comes to collect. This is because a jet can is much larger than the cargo/ore hold of many mining class ship, and also much larger than the size of any secure container that can be anchored in space.

Ore Thieves

Jet cans are vulnerable to having the contents stolen, as they do not have a password and anyone can access it. However, if the contents are stolen then the thief is flagged red to the can's original owner and their Corporation, and their ship can be killed. Some people use this against unknowing miners in high-sec space.

A pirate will come up to a person mining into a jet can, and steal the contents of the jet can, then putting it into their own can. At this point the pirate may apologise and tell the miner that they put it into another jet can for the miner to take back. If you are in this situation, DO NOT TAKE THE CONTENTS BACK. This would result in you being flagged red to them and they will be able to destroy your ship without Concord intervening. The best thing to do in this case would be to get a corp mate to come and kill them for you as you can carry on mining and they will likely be hanging around until you do take the contents so that they can kill you.

Jet Can Alternatives

Although common practice for miners is to simply jettison ore into a jetcan, there are other alternatives that can be used for different reasons. Since the Inferno 1.2 patch, some mining barges/exhumers have a orehold comparable to a jetcan.

The Orca

The recently introduced little brother of the Rorqual, the Orca is the final word in group mining. It features a 40,000 m3 corp hangar (four times that of a Carrier), as well as a 50,000 m3 ore hold, a 400,000 m3 ship maintenance bay, and a cargo hold that can be grown up to about 90,000 m3 with rigs, skills, expanders, and containers. It is the answer to the question "What would happen if I duct taped a corp hangar and a maintenance bay to my Vulture?"

Although approximately four times as expensive as a Hulk and unable to fit any strip miners or mining lasers itself, the Orca is becoming very common and its rise marks the end of jet can mining, as it can act as a mobile ore drop point for a fleet of ships. It is, however, prohibitively slow to align for warp and thus best used in concert with a dedicated hauler.

Giant Secure Containers

Unlike a JetCan, a Giant Secure Container must be purchased or manufactured by the player. However, Giant Secure Containers are also more secure than Jet Cans, and can be anchored in space, allowing them to exist for longer than 2 hours.

Another advantage of Giant Secure Containers is that a hauler, instead of opening the container and taking the ore from inside the container, can simply place the container inside its cargohold. While this seems trivial, Containers actually reduce the volume of whatever they contain. For example, a GSC can hold 3900m3 or cargo, while taking up only 3000m3 of space: earning the hauler 900m3 extra per GSC. For other examples of


  • "Reduce" the volume of ore by 30%
  • Can survive in space for longer than 2 hours (if anchored)
  • Ore cannot easily be removed by Ore Thieves
  • Can control who has access to the container (via Password and Standings)


  • Must bring with you; cannot be created while in space
  • Fixed volume requires ship with sufficient hold space for it.
  • Can only hold 3,900m3 of cargo
  • Cannot be placed within 5000 metres of any other body (including another can)

Note that smaller secure containers can be used in the same fashion; they just hold less and have the same placement restrictions as Giant containers. See Cargo Containers for more information.

Expanding your Cargohold

Another viable option for solo miners, is to simply warp back to station when your cargohold is full. Although this ultimately reduces the amount of time spent mining, it is the most secure way to ensure that you keep the ore that you mine.

Naturally, the next step in this kind of solo operation is to maximize your cargohold. This can be done via the use of Expanded Cargoholds and also via Cargohold Optimizer Rigs, however if you are using a mining barge/exhumer, those modules and rigs will not affect the ore hold, only certain skills does that.


  • Most secure way of preventing theft by Ore Thieves
  • Allows for longer sessions of AFK Mining (especially when Ice Mining)


  • Reduces the amount of time spent mining
  • Using low slots for Expanded Cargoholds prevents their use for Mining Upgrades
    • results in less ore mined per cycle (for rocks), or longer cycle durations (for ice)

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References: Eve Online News release 16.12.2005 "Red Moon Rising Launches"

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