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A "Jump" is the act of leaving one Solar System and entering another. They are not to be confused with Warps, which move you around within a Solar System. It is also not to be confused with Jump Clones, which permit you to switch to a special clone of your character somewhere else instantly.

Methods of Jumping include:

  • Stargates, which are free to use and are placed between Solar Systems.
  • Jump Drives, which are available only to most Capital Ships. These Jump Drives consume a lot of capacitor, as well as a type of Isotopes as fuel (the type depends on which race of Capital Ship is Jumping). Furthermore, the Jump Drive requires another pilot in a Gang with you to place a Cynosural Field in the desired destination, which also requires Isotopes - Liquid Ozone. There is a limit to how far you can jump listed in Light Years, but it is often possible to transport across a few systems in a single Jump, making travel much quicker than Stargates. Jump Drives are disabled by Warp Disruptors and Warp Disruption Bubbles.
  • Jump Portal Generators, which is a module that can only be equipped by a Titan. It has the same limitations and similar requirements to the Jump Drive. However, it allows any friendly ship to use the Titan to Jump to a friendly Cynosural Field within the Titan's Jump Drive range.

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