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Jump Bridge

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Jump Bridge
Jump Bridge.jpg
Starbase structure
Sovereignty level: 3
Source: Purchased
Cost: 100 Mil ISK isk
Mass: 250,000 kg
Volume: 100,000m3
Icon22 16w.png Anchoring: 5 minutes
Icon22 16w.png Unanchoring: 1 minutes
Icon22 16w.png Onlining: 30 minutes
CPU small.png CPU usage: 4000 tf
Powergrid small.png Power usage: 750,000 MW
Shield icon.png Shield HP 1 Mil
Armour icon.png Armour HP 15 Mil
Jump Bridges allow corporations to link two Starbases in nearby systems and establish an artificial jump corridor, granting instantaneous transit capability between the two.
Jump Bridges have a defined maximum range and cannot link to other Bridges outside this range. It is recommended that corporations check that their intended anchoring locations are in range of each other before purchasing the necessary structures.

This is, essentially, a player-created stargate.

This item requires Sovereignty 3 over a system, to be installed. Only two may be placed in any one system. They have to be in matched pairs, to operate.



  • Capacity: 10,000 m3
  • Jump drive consumption amount: 500
  • Max anchoring distance from starbase shield: 15 km
  • Max jump range: 5 ly

How to set up and maintain a Jump Bridge

A Jump Bridge consumes Liquid Ozone every time a ship uses it. The formula is reported to be:

  • (500 * Jump distance in LY) * (ship mass / 1,000,000,000))

The Jump bridge stores the fuel within the structure, and consumes it from storage as jumps are made.

Unanswered questions

How to use a Jump Bridge

How to use the jump bridge:

  1. Warp to jump bridge
  2. Approach Jump Bridge
  3. Right click and select "Access Resources"
  4. Drag fuel from your cargo into the resources container
  5. Right click on your ship and select on the option "Enter Starbase Forcefield Password" and enter the jump bridge password
  6. Right click on jump bridge and you should see a destination option like "Jump through to [SYSTEM NAME]"

One presumes that putting fuel into the resources container is described as "done by the person using the bridge" not merely to ensure that sufficient fuel exists, but also because there does not appear to be a password setting on the resources container. That is, passers-by may be able to freely retrieve the stored jump fuel. (Comment/edit by knowledgeable person requested.)

PVP: If you are warp disrupted by another player you can not jump through jump bridge.

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