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Jump clone

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Jump clones are special non-emergency clones available to characters with high standings and specific training. They give you the ability to have clones spread in medical facilities throughout the world of EVE and move your character to any of those clones at will, as opposed to the single medical clone that a player is allowed that is only activated upon pod death.

To install a jumpclone at a station you need to have a standing of 8.0 with the corp that owns it. It requires the skill Infomorph Psychology, with a player being allowed one extra jump clone per level, for a total of 5 Jumpclones and one medical clone in use at level V. Some capital vessels can also fit a Clone Vat Bay that pilots can install their jump clones into.

When a player Jumps using a Jumpclone, their old body with all of its implants is left behind at the station where they were, meanwhile their consciousness moves instantly to the location of the Jumpclone. The previous body now becomes a jump clone and can be jumped back to. A jump can only be made once every 24 hours.

The term Jumpclone is often shortened to JC in game.

example: "I'm gonna JC to 0.0 space."

It should be noted that the old bug which sometimes erased implants when a jump was made has now been fixed. Your implants are safe people.

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