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Jump Drive

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A Jump Drive is a built-in system for Capital Ships, Black Ops Battleships, and Jump Freighters. It is an important system aboard these ships that allows them to move between systems without the use of Stargates (which Capital Ships are too large to fit through). The Jump Drive allows Capital Ships to move directly between star systems, so it is possible to cover distances that would require a great number of jumps through the Stargate network to be covered in one or two activations of the Jump Drive.

This built-in system is not to be confused with the Jump Portal Generator module that can only be installed on Titans (or a recent Covert Jump Portal Generator added for Black Ops Battleships).


Capacitor Requirements

There are however a few limitations to Jump Drive technology, the first being that it requires a great amount of energy to make a jump. This energy is drawn from the ships Capacitor, and is between 90-70% of the ships total Capacitor capacity (dependent on pilot skill). This means that Capital Ships are severely weakened in the few moments after making a jump.

Fuel Requirements

The second limitation of the Jump Drive is that they require a special Fuel source. Since each Race's jump drive design is different, each requires a different fuel type.

  • Amarr Capital Ships require Helium Isotopes
  • Caldari Capital Ships require Nitrogen Isotopes
  • Gallente Capital Ships require Oxygen Isotopes
  • Minmatar Capital Ships require Hydrogen Isotopes

Fuel requirements can be reduced by training the Jump Fuel Conservation skill.

Isotopes can be refined from ice-ores found in different areas of space, or simply bought off the market (listed under: Manufacture & Research -> Ice Products)

Range Limitations

Current Jump Drive technology has a limited range. The fuel requirement for a jump is proportional to the distance the ship is traveling (measured in Light years). In other words, the further you jump, the more it costs. (Cost can be reduced by the Jump Fuel Conservation skill.)

Black Ops Battleships, Jump Freighters, Carriers, Motherships, Dreadnoughts and Titans all have different jump ranges, with Carriers having the longest range and Titans the shortest.

Jump range can be increased by the pilots Jump Drive Calibration skill, to a maximum of 2.25 time the base value at skill level 5.

Security Status Limitations

Jump capable ships are normally only able to operate in low security (0.4-0.1) or 0.0 space. This is because Concord does not allow the generation of a Cynosural Field (see below) to take place in systems of 0.5 security or higher, effectively keeping them out of empire space.

Appropriate skills

Jump Drive Operation
Reduces the capacitor need for initiating jump by 5%/level. Required at level 1 for use of most Jump Drive equipped ships.
Jump Drive Calibration
Increases jump range by 25%/level. Required at level 4 for use of Black Ops ships. (Note that this gives Black Ops battleships a minimum jump range of 4 light years, but which can only be increased to 4.50.)
Jump Fuel Conservation
Reduces fuel used by 100 units per level, per light year traveled. Depending on the ship, this can be up to 10% of fuel consumption - per level. And regardless of the absolute percentage, it amounts to a substantial savings in fuel used.

FAQ about Jump Drives

Q. What happens if a System is outside my jump range?

A. If a system is outside your maximum jump range, you will have to make the jump in two parts. Jump to a system closer to your destination, and then make another jump to get there.

Q. How do you figure out the distance between systems? Is it to do with the number of gate jumps?

A. No, it is not. If you imagine on the map, you have your current location and where you want to go. Now imagine there is a straight line connecting the two systems on the map. That is the distance between systems the jump drive uses. It is important to remember that the map works in 3D, so if you use the map 'flattened' some systems may seem closer than they really are.

As for figuring out the distance, there is no way to determine this in game at the moment, but there are a number of third-party tools to help. The ICSC Jump tools are very popular for planning routes between systems.

Side-note: One light year is approximately 63,241 Astronomical units.

Q. I've heard lots about 'Cynos' and Jump drives, what Does Cyno mean?

A. 'Cyno' is the abbreviated name used for something called a 'Cynosural Field'. These are important when using Jump drives as they provide a 'Navigation target' for the Capital Ships jump drive to lock on to and jump to. Basically, a Cynosural Field must be present in your destination system in order for you to be able to make a jump.

They are created using a special module (the Cynosural Field Generator) which can be fitted on just about any ship with a free high slot and a little free CPU/Powergrid. Generating a Cynosural Field requires a small amount of Liquid Ozone, which should be placed in your ship’s cargo hold.

See below for more detail on the jumping process.

Q. I just saw a Dreadnought in Highsec! I thought you said Capital Ships can't go to High sec systems?

A. Although nowadays it is only possible to build Capital Ships in systems of 0.4 Security or less, it was once possible to build them in 0.5+ systems too. A few that were built during this time still remain in highsec to this day. However, if the pilots ever chose to Jump out, they would never be able to return. One of the most famous 'Highsec Dreads' is owned by Chribba (Creator of Eve-Files). His Revelation -The 'Veldnaught'- (probably eve's only Dread Dedicated to mining Veldspar) can often be seen out and about in the 'Amarr' system of the 'Domain' region. Strictly speaking, the only thing preventing Capitals from operating in High-sec is the restrictions on Cynosural Field generation in 0.5+. Capitals already in high sec systems are able to operate normally.

How to make a jump - A Step-by-Step guide

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the 'Jump to Member' Command.
  1. Determine if your destination is within your jump range, or if you will need to make multiple jumps to get there. I suggest using the ICSC Jump planner.
  2. Be sure to pack enough Racial Isotopes (Jump Fuel) to reach your destination. The tool in step 1 will tell you the exact amount needed, but I suggest you pack some spare in case of emergencies.
  3. Gang up with a friend. He'll need the Cynosural Field Theory skill trained as well as a Cynosural Field Generator fitted to his ship and some Liquid Ozone in his cargo (check the generators info to see how much you need). Remember that if you are making multiple jumps he'll need Liquid Ozone for each jump as it is consumed.
  4. Once your friend is in position, double check they are in gang and have them activate the Cyno generator. Remember that once a Cyno is active it appears on the overview of everyone in the system to warp to, and the generating pilot will be unable to move or warp for 10 minutes.
  5. Once the Cyno is active, a 'Jump to Member' command will appear in your gang context menu. (See image on right)
  6. Once activated, you will see your ship 'jump' from its current location and appear at your destination right next to the Cynosural Field and the pilot generating it.
  7. Repeat if making multiple jumps.

It can seem a little complex at first, but once you've travelled by jump drive you'll never want to use a stargate again!

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