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A killboard is where PvP players post their kill mails. Killboards are hosted by players of the game and can be bought for ISK on either a monthly, 6 month or yearly period. Some killboards even offer life time killboard for a one payment however these payments range from 1 billion ISK and up.

Killboards change the KM from a list to an easily depicted layout. They also tally the kills and losses of each character as well as the corporation. Many killboards total up the losses, the amount of damage the victim took and the total value of modules dropped. Killboards use a point system to value the kills, the points are usually based on the type of ship destroyed and the ships destroying it as well as the number of people involved. These points can be used by some killboards to create a rank system which overall shows the value of each player in the corporation.

"In my experiance, once I bought a killboard for my corporation. The members started to become more PvP orientated. Definatley worth the ISK" - Inyoureye


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