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Kiting is a strategy wherein one character causes a target (a 'mob') to attack him ('aggro'), then maneuvers to simultaneously remain out of range of the target, and to ensure the target continues attempting to attack them.

Kiting is similar to tanking in that both seek to control the behavior of NPCs in a way that allows them, or their partners, to more effectively defeat them. Kiting is also similar to tanking in that both rely heavily on known strategies performed by NPCs. Both are much less effective in PvP combat, where a human opponent has a much wider range of possible responses.

Whereas in tanking, the strategy is to ensure that the defenses of the ship are sufficient to withstand the attacks, the objective in kiting is to avoid taking damage at all, primarily by being outside effective weapons range.

Speed tanking could be considered a form of kiting, although in that case, one is taking advantage of weapon tracking speeds instead of weapon ranges. The Nano tank is particularly designed with both kiting and speed tanking in mind.

Kiting is an uncommon tactic in EVE, primarily because most mission settings (where the tactic would be most useful) also feature a selection of ships (and drones) faster than the majority of player-run ships. Once the faster foes have been dealt with, though, the remainder can be kited.

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