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Laser turret

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A laser turret is a type of turret often favored for use by Amarr ships. They come in two types, long-range beam lasers and medium-range pulse lasers.

Laser turrets do not use ammunition, but rather frequency crystals. Frequency crystals can be swapped out during combat, just as any other ammo, but instead of the standard reload time, frequency crystals can be switched instantly making lasers able to adapt to range very rapidly. Frequency crystals do not deplete like normal ammo, but will last forever unless faction crystals or advanced Tech 2 crystals are used. Faction crystals will degrade at a random rate, but yielding approximately 4000 shots / crystal and tech 2 crystals will degrade at a steady rate giving about 1000 shots / crystal. Using non-degradable crystals can give a laser ship longevity when working in environments where ammo can be hard to come by and will also prolong it's usage in the field, not having to stop to resupply. It also gives a sort of "stealth boost" to DPS since laser turrets never have to reload unless using tech 2 or faction crystals, and even then a new crystal will be reloaded between a cycle and the next, giving no downtime. This boost is of course not huge, nor world-turning, but it's a slight advantage nonetheless. Some claim laser ships to be the best in extremely laggy situations, where other ships will run out of ammunition and the lag will prevent the pilot from reloading during extended amounts of time, all the while the laser ships will keep firing.

Lasers tend to use a lot more capacitor than any other type of weapon in-game, often up to more than twice the amount of an equivalent hybrid turret. Most of the Amarr ships therefore have a special weapon bonus that reduces turret capacitor use by up to 50% at top skill, putting laser turrets closer to hybrid turrets in cap usage. For this reason, Laser turrets, and Amarr ships, tend to get looked upon as harsh for a new player whose skills are low both for capacitor (see Engineering) and the ship-specific skill.

Laser turrets deal a majority of EM damage, with varying amounts of thermal damage depending on which type of crystal is used with shorter range crystals doing increasing amounts of thermal damage. The EM portion of total damage dealt is always the larger portion, thus making EM the primary Amarr damage and thermal the secondary. For this reason laser turrets are most efficient against shield tanking ships, as shields usually have a very low EM resistance. Laser performance drops slightly when encountering an armor tanking ship due to armor having a base resist of 50% against EM damage, and a proportionally high thermal resist. Some say that this, coupled with their high capacitor use, make lasers a poor choice for PVP while others claim it does not really matter that much as lasers have other advantages that outweigh this drawback. It's up to preference.

Beam lasers are the long range variant of laser turrets and are primarily used for running missions or filling a sniper role in a fleet. While not being the longest range turret (see Railguns) or the most damaging per hit (see Artillery) the Beam Lasers are still a respectable weapon to employ. They have the highest base DPS of all the long range turrets and can still reach far enough to function as a sniper weapon. Especially when coupled with a ship with range bonus (such as the Apocalypse). When using Tech 2 Beam turrets one can employ the Aurora frequency crystals, increasing range a lot, but by preserving much of the inflicted damage. Beam lasers also have the highest tracking of the long range turrets, thus making them able to hit more agile and fast moving targets, or shoot at targets at closer range without loosing accuracy. They are somewhat hampered by the fact that their capacitor use is very high, even on specialized Amarr ships, and that their fitting requirements are equally high, thereby forcing the pilot to sacrifice tank or other powergrid hungry modules and not being able to sustain fire for very long.

Pulse laser are the short-to-medium range type of laser turrets and are usually the most used ones, especially when pilots reach the tech 2 level for Pulse Lasers. Pulse Lasers often have a high rate of fire and high damage modifier, making them ideal close range weapons in combat, putting them close behind blasters in raw DPS output. Pulse lasers also have the best range of all the short range turrets, and having quite a bit of tracking. When using the Scorch advanced crystals Pulse Lasers can also be used as medium range snipers or medium range damage support in engagements. Pulse Lasers are noticeably easier to fit on a ship as well as using less capacitor over time than their long range counterparts.

Due to the medium range of laser turrets it is possible to get under the guns of a long range turret and still deal damage, while out ranging short range turrets. This however takes a competent pilot and a good awareness of the situation.

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