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Logout timer

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The logout timer implemented is widely misunderstood. Here's the algorithm:

Player activates module on another player. If module activation would summon concord in safe space, 'combat timer' starts counting down from 30 minutes.

Player logs out in space. The server orders his ship to align in a random direction and warp to a point 1 million kilometers away. This is preventable by the normal means of preventing warp. The server sets his 'disappear timer' to whichever is larger: 1 minute or 'combat timer.' Notably, nothing affects this timer after the server has detected his logout(so shooting him after he's logged does nothing to the timer, though warp scrambling will keep him in the same spot).

Player can be seen on scanner 1 million kilometers in a random direction from where he logged until 'disappear timer' hits 0.

If you log out inside a POS bubble you no longer warp when you logout, you remain in the bubble. However, when you log back in you will warp back to the POS from 1 million kilometers away.

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