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Loyalty Point

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A Loyalty Point (or LP) is a mission reward that is awarded by agents. These points accumulate and may be "cashed in" for ships, modules, implants, and many other rewards from the agent's corporation at a the LP Store in any station the corporation owns. These items are typically better than Tech II items.

  • The amount of Loyalty Points that will be rewarded are included in the mission details near the ISK reward, can be used as a fair gauge of the difficulty or duration of the mission. Better quality agents give more loyalty points.
  • Loyalty Points are not transferable between characters.
  • Loyalty Points are corporation-based: no matter which agent of corporation X you do the mission for, you can spend them at any corporation X loyalty store, and they stack up with LPs from other agents of that corporation. So if you need a lot of LP's better stick to 1 or 2 corporations. As the Navy usually has the widest choice in rewards this is usually a safe choice.
  • The LP reward from missions are determined by agent quality, level of the mission, security of the mission location and your standings towards the agent, which in turn is influenced by your Social skill, your Connections skill and skills like the specific connections skills that all increase LP bonusses.
  • If you want to buy LP rewards with Loyalty Points keep in mind that some also require specific insignia that can be acquired by either doing missions or bought from the market. Buying them from the market has the advantage of not losing standings with the faction whose ships drops them; thus you can refuse missions that involve destroying other faction's ships.

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