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EVE's Market is where you will buy and sell ship equipment, ammunition, new skills, and more. Understanding how to use the Market is an important part of Eve.



You can pull up the Market screen at any time by clicking the "Market" icon on your NeoCon. While out in space (meaning not docked at a station) you can browse the Market and buy items. It is important to note the location of the items you have bought, since you will need to travel to the appropriate station to pick them up.

Basic Interface Elements

The Market interface is broken up in to three main panes:

The Browse pane lets you access all available items in a categorized, hierarchal list.

The Search pane lets you search for full or partial item names.

The Quickbar is a personalized item list. See the Quickbar section below.

In the upper left of the Market window is a drop-down list that lets you set the scope of your search. The available options are Station, System, or Region. Choosing one of these options will return or display items only available in the selected area.

Caveat Emptor - buyer beware! Be sure and note where you are buying something from. Accidentally dropping your cash on an item that is 12 jumps away can be a bummer.


This pane allows you to access items you buy or sell often, such as ammunition.

To add an item to the Quickbar, locate it in either the Browse or Search panes, right click the item, and select "Add to Market Quickbar". Once that is done, you can open your Quickbar at any time and immediately access the item.

Broker System

The mechanics of EVE's buy/sell via market is based on a brokerage system. In the case of purchasing, a player makes a request for purchasing an item at a given price, and will pay that price to the order with the lowest listed price. The game will present a warning box for orders some order of magnitude different from the average price. A similar mechanism works for buy orders (a player selling for less than the highest buy order will be allocated from the highest buy order for the seller's price)

Buy Order Example

Havok Pierce places 5000 Foxfire Rocket on the market for 50 isk per rocket. This order happens to be the lowest-priced order on the market.

Fira Valkyrie wishes to buy 250 Foxfire Rockets. However, when she makes the purchase, she accidentally edits the order, adding another 0 to the per/unit offer (making the order 250 rockets for 500 isk/rocket). She ignores the bright green text stating how much above the market average her order is next to the price/unit display and then, not wishing to be hassled by warning boxes, clicks-past the warning box that pops up when her broker notices that the request's price is far above the market average in this region.

Havok Pierce notices a new entry in his transaction log: he just sold 250 Foxfire rockets at 500 isk/unit (125,000 ISK before taxes).

Sell Order Example

Fira Valkyrie wishes to buy 250 Foxfire Rockets at 50 ISK/unit. She places a buy order on the market, signifiying her request. Her offer is the highest on the market.

Havok Pierce notices the order and decides to take her up on it. However, he accidentally changes the price/unit in the box by removing a 0 to it, changing the offered price/unit to 5 ISK/unit. He ignores the colored text and the warning box.

Fira looks at her transaction log and notices that 1250 ISK was deducted from her account. Havok Pierce just sold her the rockets she wanted at a tenth of her offered price.

Remote Orders

A "Remote Order" is a sell/buy order that is located at a station where you are currently not.


Main article: Trade skills overview

There are dozens of Skills available to your character which do not start out on your Character Sheet. These skills must be purchased via the Market. You can search for them just like any other item. As an example, open the Market screen, click the Search tab, and enter "Targeting I". Click search, and you will see an entry in the results pane called "Targeting I". This item is a skill book which you can purchase. Once it is in your posession, right click the book and select "Train Skill" to begin learning it.

Like items, skills have prerequisites. Be sure you are qualified to learn the skill before spending your cash on it. Click the "Get Info" circle or right click the book and select "Get Info", then check the "Req Skills" tab.


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