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Mining Barges

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These ships specialize in the mining of precious ores found asteroids. Designed exclusively by the nominally neutral Outer Ring Excavations Syndicate faction, these ships are now available to citizens of all empires, for the right price and training.

General Information

Mining Barges are specialty craft designed by the ORE Syndicate, focused on mining (as the name indicates). As such, they are able to fit Strip Miner or Ice Harvester modules which are able mine much larger amounts than the smaller Mining Laser counterparts.

All barges have specialized ore holds which the ship mines directly into and can only hold ore. Ore can be moved from the ore hold to the regular cargo bay while in space.


There are three classes of Mining Barge: the Procurer, the Retriever, and the Covetor.

Ship Grid CPU High Med Low Shield Armor Structure Speed Cargo Ore Hold Drone Bay
Retriever 35MW 235 tf 2 1 3 2300 1700 2000 80 450 22000 25
Procurer 45MW 250 tf 1 4 2 6000 5000 5500 90 350 12000 25
Covetor 35MW 255 tf 3 1 2 1700 1300 1500 70 350 7000 50


The Procurer has the highest defensive capabilities of the 3 barges. The Tech II variant of this is the Skiff.


The Retriever (or Retty in slang, not to be confused with the Amarr Retribution (Ship) Class Assault Frigate ) has the largest ore bay of the Tech I barges. It gains a 50% bonus to Strip Miner yield giving it the mining capability of 3 strip miners with only 2 high slots. The Tech II variant on this frame is the Mackinaw.


The Covetor has the highest output of the 3 barges and the smallest ore bay. The Tech II variant of the Covetor, the Hulk, is capable of mining an asteroid belt of all its ore in a short amount of time.

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