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Mining crystal

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A Mining crystal is a focusing device for a modulated (Tech 2) Strip Miner. Each mining crystal is tuned to a specific ore family. A Strip Miner with a mining crystal installed can gather more of that particular ore per cycle, than it can without a mining crystal. Mining rates for other ore types is unaffected.

A Tech 1 mining crystal gives a 1.625 multiplier to the yield per cycle for the ore it is attuned to. A Tech 2 mining crystal gives a 1.75 multiplier.

It operates in much the same fashion as a Frequency crystal for pulse and beam lasers. Each use of the crystal damages it a little, and eventually it will be destroyed.

The mining crystal will also alter the capacitor need of the mining laser, increasing or decreasing it, depending on the variety of ore the crystal is tuned to.

Uninstalling a mining crystal requires use of the capacitor as well.

Mining crystals occupy a not-insignificant volume. Tech 1 mining crystals have a volume of 30 m3, while Tech 2 mining crystals have a volume of 50 m3. This makes it less desirable to have great numbers of mining crystals on board when operating.

Strip miner efficiency

volume (m3) Strip Miner
360 Modulated Strip Miner II w/o crystal
540 Strip Miner I
585 Modulated Strip Miner II with Tech 1 crystal
630 Modulated Strip Miner II with Tech 2 crystal

Note that a Modulated Deep Core Strip Miner II is inferior in volume-harvested in all categories, but is the only strip miner capable of harvesting Mercoxit ore.

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