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Mining in numbers

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Remember that this is a wiki page and as long as you have more correct information to come with then feel free to update it.


Mining in numbers

This mini guide only covers the numbers behind mining. If you like tips and suggestions for strategies to mining there is a good overall mining guide here: Miners Guide to the Galaxy at

When you mine you often like to know the numbers behind it so you can figure out a strategy to get maximum ISK out of your time spent. Or perhaps you are just wondering what the numbers mean. This guide will not take in consideration that your cargo gets full or you have to move because of pirates / players.

Mining lasers output

When you inspect a mining laser you will see how much ore units it can pull. This is actually m3 per cycle. A cycle is usually 60sec (whereas a Strip Miner module cycles in 180sec, but gouges a lot more ore per sec). So say you got a "Miner I" that without any modifications pulls 40 ore units, it means that you fill your cargo with 40m3 per minute. This is independent of the type of ore you pull.

The ore units are increased by skills. This is done with the "Mining" and "Astrogeology" skills that gives an increase of 5% per skill level. This will give the modified ore units of:

<Modified Ore Units> = <Miners ore units>*
                      (1 <Mining skill>*0,05)*
                      (1 <Astrogeology skill>*0,05)

Given that you use a "Miner I" that got 40 ore units and have 4 in mining and 2 in Astrogeology then you will have an effective output per miner of: 40*(1 4*0,05)*(1 2*0,05) = 52.8 ore units, or 52.8m3 per minute. (Note that the numbers are multiplied do lvl 5 in both skills will not give you a 50%, but 56.25% increase (1 - (1 0,25)*(1 0,25))*100.

But there are more. In addition to this the ship can have mining bonuses in itself. For example, all races got a frigate with 20% bonus to mining per level in that frigate skill. (This is even true for Caldari. The Bantam gives 20% mining efficiency for each level even if this is not printed in the description) This is taken into account by further multiplying the <Modified Ore Units> with the ship bonus = 1 0,2 * <Ship level skill>. This makes the complete formula of:

<Modified Ore Units> = <Miners ore units>*
                       (1 <Mining skill>*0,05)*
                       (1 <Astrogeology skill>*0,05)* 
                       (1  0,2 * <Ship level skill>)

You can see, your effective ore units if you show info on a mining laser that is equipped.

Fitting more miners will add to the ore units. So if your wallet or CPU limits you to chose between two Miner I or one Miner II then the two Miner I will give more ore as 40*2 > 60 ore units.

In addition to all this you got the cycle time. All the normal mining lasers got a cycle time of 60 sec, but the stripminers got 180sec. This can also be modified with equipment than decreases the cycle time. To be able to compare the different miners and setup for a ship you need to adjust the output for the same amount of time. This adjustment will be correct if you can stay out and mine for a longer period of time without having to abort to empty your cargo. The miners actual output per minute is:
OPM = <Output per minute>
MOU = <Miners ore units>
MCT = <Miners cycle time>
MS = <Mining skill>
AS = <Astrogeology skill>
SB = <Ship bonus> (20% SB gives SB=0,2, 40% SB gives SB=0,4, etc)
SS = <Ship skill that gives bonus>

OPM = 60*(MOU * (1 *0,05) * (1 *0,05)* (1 SB*SS))/MCT

An example: Lets say you have:

  • a Caldari Bantam with two "Miner II" lasers. (60 ore unit each)
  • You got lvl 4 in Caldari Frighters
  • You got lvl 5 in Mining
  • You got lvl 3 in Astrogeology

This will give you a total output of: 2 * 60 * (1 + 0,2*4) * (1 + 0,05*5) * (1 + 0,05*3) = 310,5 Ore Units per cycle, or m3 per minute if you like as long as cycle time is not modified. (This will also meen that you fill the Bantam's cargo in one cycle and need to get rid of the cargo each minute)

Another example: Lets say the same person think that advancing to a Destroyer using 3 Miner II lasers is a good idea. The Caldari destroyer don't have any mining bonus so without doing anything with the other skills then the formula will be like this: 3 * 60 * (1 + 0,05*5) * (1 + 0,05*3) = 258,75 Ore Units. In other word: Not smart. However the Cormorant can effectively fit 6 XeCl mining lasers giving it 6 * 48 * (1 + 0,05*5) * (1 + 0,05*3) = 414 yield. A much smarter move than the Bantam.

Various gang effects can affect mining maser output and cycle time such as the Mining Foreman skill, the Mining Foreman Gang Link modules and the Mining Foreman Implant. Gang bonuses do NOT stack, only the best bonus has an effect on the gang.

Actual amount of ore

The ore you pull up is measured in m3 when it comes to amount/time. This can be calculated to actual ore by dividing the amount pulled up with the volume for one unit of ore. For Veldspar the volume is 0,1 so with an effective ore unit of 100 you would pull up 100/0,1=1000 Veldspar units per minute. For Scordite the volume is 0,15 which will give 100/0,15 = 666 Scordite units per minute. The number of units of ore you mine each cycle is calculated separately per mining laser, and fractional units of ore are discarded. This becomes more important when you calculate the number of ore units mined per cycle for the heavier ores. With 2 lasers each pulling 100m3 you would get 4 units of Mercoxit per cycle instead of 5, making the effective amount of ore mined 160m3 instead of 200m3.

The volumes for different ore are:

Veldspar 0,10
Scordite 0,15
Pyroceres 0,30
Plagioclase 0,35
Omber 0,60
Kernite 1,20
Jaspet 2,00
Hemorphite 3,00
Hedbergite 3,00
Gneiss 5,00
Dark Ochre 8,00
Spodumain 16,00
Crokite 16,00
Bistot 16,00
Ankonor 16,00
Mercoxit 40,00

Fitting miners

When you have decided on how to mine (With friends, solo and so on) you probably have found yourself a ship that fits your need and wallet and you would like to have as much as possible out of it. You will then have to look at the CPU of that ship and the CPU that a miner requires (Dont mind the power. That will never cause any problems for you). Again remember that the CPU you see when inspecting in market is not the actual CPU you have when you shall put them on. There are skills and items that can help you improve your ships' CPU.

Electronic gives your ship 5% more CPU per level. Let's say you have a ship that has 150 CPU and you'd like to fit two Miner II (80 CPU each) then you need to get your ship up to over 160 CPU to get them on. Level 2 in Electronic will give you a boost of 10% which equals 165 in actual CPU and you can safely put on those miners. If this is not enough you can boost it further with a Coprocessor, but this will also steal a low power slot where your much needed hull upgrades is.

Mining barges and strip miners

The ultimate miners are the strip miners, but they come at a cost. They use a wooping 12000 CPU so whatever ship you look at there seems to be little possibility to put it on anything. However, in small lettering at the bottom of the contract it says that when put on a mining barge you will get 98% CPU reduction. This is however wrong. When you put it on you will see that it only requires 60CPU and that the description has changed to 99.5% reduction.

But you should notice that the Strip miners have a cycle of 180 sec and not 60 sec as other miners. It is still a huge increase, but not so high as comparing the 60 of a miner 2 with 540 of a strip miner.

Rumors: I have also read that you can put a strip miner on other ships if you can get them up in 3000 CPU, but I don't know how to get a stripminer down to 3000CPU use. This will be investigated.


Originally created by Aslak Berby (2005-02-23) Newcomer to EvE-Online.

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