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Mission Genre

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There are several different mission genres. Note that these are different from mission types, in that the mission genre defines what playstyle is utilized in the mission, while the mission type denotes its status (Normal, Important, COSMOS, etc).



Acquire missions are similar to Courier missions but the pilot has to find the item and bring it to the required destination. The goods requested might be found on the regional market but sometimes are found on contracts, from a previous Event Mission (especially true with COSMOS Missions) and in some cases the item will be returned to the pilot so taking it on loan contract from another player is acceptable. Of course Piracy and begging are also legitimate ways of finding the goods.
The agent's reward most often fails to fully compensate for the costs of the goods.


Mining missions are an older specific style of Acquire missions which require the player to bring ore or minerals to the agent. These can be obtained either via the market or (usually) by mining the actual ore/mineral in question in an asteroid belt (note that often you have to mine a mineral type that does not exist on the market - the intent is that players have to actually mine, and cannot shortcut the mission simply buying the minerals on the market).


Trade mission also refers to an older mission style where the agent will require that you deliver some particular goods to the agent available on the open markets. It is up to the player to obtain these goods by whatever means necessary.


The package does not need to be in the destination hangar as in previous releases of Eve.
Although not explicitly differentiated in the game, there are two types of courier missions:


Small courier missions generally require you to move a small volume and quantity of goods in a fairly straightforward delivery path. These are common in missions levels 1-3.


Large courier missions generally require the use of a freighter or several large haulers to complete the objective within the bonus timeframe. These are common only in Level 4 missions, and only within divisions such as Logistics giving a high percentage of Courier missions.
As of Revelations I patch these missions are no longer given out.


The mission involves destruction of some structure or enemy ship. Many times a mission will be both Acquire and Kill mission and rarely in some COSMOS mission will you be carrying a Courier package and be ambushed to make the mission a dual Kill/Courier mission.

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