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Mission Type

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Missions are like quests in other MMOs. These are the various types of missions available as of Empyrean Age. New types will no doubt be released in the future.


Normal and Important (Storyline)

Normal Missions

These mission parts are given by all agents and result in a series of actions for the pilot to perform success being shown in the Journal by the green Objective Completed message. Agents (Mission Agents) who reside in a station and is employed by an NPC corporation and who are labeled by their Division at the top of their attributes all give out missions or a series of mission parts that are the Normal type. Normal type missions only effect the Standings of the agent towards the pilot and the agents parent corporation towards the pilot. Thes missions are catergorized by their level of difficulty.

Important Missions

Important missions are all or part of a mission series which report to the pilot the following statement:

This is an important mission, which will have significant impact on your faction standings.

Other parts of the mission only effect the standings of the pilot to the agent and his corporation but not his faction. The Important Mission will change all three standings and modify other factions standings through the standings derivation process. Failing this part of the mission will have the opposite effect in lowering the factions standings, the agent and his corporation and ending the entire mission series. To top it all off the agent may never talk to you again. Failure doesn't always carry through the derivations process to other factions but may only hurt you with that particular faction.

Many pilots call these parts of the missions a storyline mission because all storyline agents give an important mission part. This practice is so wide spread that the confusion even lingers here on the wiki.

Storyline Missions

Storyline actually describes a type of agent that one gets access to every 16 missions from a Mission Agent. Their missions are like Events (and can be confused with them) in that part of the mission is an Important Mission and you get a faction boost in standings and a major corporation boost in standings.

Event Missions

Event Missions are so called because of the type of agent that gives them out. They are a complex mix of Normal and Important mission parts woven together into a story. Again this may lead to confusion whereas pilots call Event Misions Storyline Missions. There are major differences. A Storyline Agent will contact the pilot refusing to talk to the pilot until he has successfully complete 16 Normal Missions. Event Missions maybe done by any pilot who talks the the Event Agent and has the correct standings to qualify. Storyline Agents will contact a pilot ever 16 successful normal Missions many times giving out the same missions over and over. Event Agents will almost alwasy give their mission out one time only to each pilot. Storyline agents are located in stations and have the descriptor of Storyline in their attribute whereas Event agents are mostly located in space and are described as Event. Many diverse agents have the type Event listed in their show info page. They give specially written missions which advance the story of the Eve Universe that almost always end up with an Important Mission conclusion giving faction standings boost for the pilot. Some can be easily located through the starmap using the DED Reports options. The following is a break down of various Event Missions:

DED Missions

As of Revelations II the Eve Map has a choice of filtering by DED Agent Sites Report and the DED Deadspace Report which replaces the old DED Complexes report which had gotten visually complex and near impossible to sift through. The DED Agent Sites turn solar systems cyan where Event Agents and their missions are located. So far none of these agents have been inside a station menu like the normal style. They are found in their own ships or bunkers. These agents will usually be found at a golden beacon that can be seen in the overview and warped to but many are hidden and have no beacon. They can be probed out and are often at moons, belts or planets.

Examples: Data Centers

DED Deadspace

The DED Deadspace is a revamped version of the old DED Complexes screen and causes solar systems to glow various colors where mission complexes can be found. These plexes have intersting graphics, unusual NPC enemies and usually valuable loot. They do not need guidance from an agent although some of the things found there will be asked for by agents. They are what the player makes of them being a type of non-stop NPC opposition wild space.

Some of those ca be so hard that only gangs of pilots can survive there. Most of these harder sites are hidden and can only be found by Exploration. So they do not show up on the DED Deadspace Reports screen (note that some of the hidden sites were not hidden before the introduction of the exploration mechanic).

The following mission varieties show up under these reports:

COSMOS Missions

Refers to a special type of DED Missions that are very difficult but very profitable. The majority of COSMOS missions are in 4 constellations placed in each of the 4 major empires. They have a great number of Event Agents who give out involved plot Event Missions with unusual rewards. It is rumored that the future of mankind is buried in these sites. They can be found in:

The low security COSMOS sites are in 2 facing constellations:


Cosmos Standings

There is a formule for calculating if you are able to use a certain cosmos agent

2 x (Level - 1) + (Quality / 20)

here is an example based on Quality lvl 0 for the agents

L1Q0 = 2*(1-1)+(0/20) = 0.0

L2Q0 = 2*(2-1)+(0/20) = 2.0

L3Q0 = 2*(3-1)+(0/20) = 4.0

L4Q0 = 2*(4-1)+(0/20) = 6.0

Data Center Missions

Data centers are located at beacons in high-security 'empire' space. There are three data centers per empire, each is a single location with two or more agents each. There are one Data Center focused on each major Pirate Faction. one Event Agent offers the "Graduation Certificate" mission while the rest offer the "Keeping Crime in Check" mission. You will need to collect common pirate dog tags (copper, bronze, silver, electrum, brass, palladium, gold, crystal, platinum and diamond). The rewards include named items and a Important Mission faction increase. You can only talk to each agent once.

Data Center Locations

  • Amarr
    • Primary - Kudi and Ferira
    • Secondary - Polfaly
  • Caldari
    • Primary - Kamokor
    • Secondary - Saikanen and Ahtulaima
  • Gallente -
    • Primary - Muer
    • Secondary - Abenync and Ekuenbiron
  • Minmatar -
    • Primary - Emolgranlan
    • Secondary - Arlulf and Engosi

Empyrean Expansion Sites

This expansion added a series of new DED Agent Reports and possibly some new DED Deadspace Plexes. Some people might be extending the term COSMOS to encompass these sites but CCP just refers to them by DED Sites. An example of these are the Caldari Titan orbiting Caldari Prime in Luminaire. It can be attacked and players can fight the Caldari support ship spawns. Another site added were the Ship Graveyards of Yulai. It is shown under the DED Agent Site Report but an agent has yet to be found amongst the floating hulks. Some sites in deep 0.0 were also added like Pioneer's Sanctuary and The Legends Trial where some agents are awaiting to give out their Event Missions.

Events not located by DED reports

Circle Missions

In each empire's space there are a series of fixed courier Event Agents. Each drop-off point contains another one of those. As soon as you finish one job you can start another one. And it's a circle. Many starting points can be found at a Data Center but some are agents floating at a gate, outside a station or reclining in a station. They are an old mission style started possibly back in 2004. These agents are repeatable but the first time through is the only time you will get 2 Important Mission parts during the entire circle.

Graduation Missions

A series of 4 involved plots one set in each major empire. To access these missions a pilot can just find the agent by accident or through foreknowledge or by doing the Graduation Certificate missions. Once you have the Signed Graduation Certificate the Event Agent giving the diploma marks the Graduation Mission agent in the People and Places address book. Taking the diploma to this agent starts you off on a series of quests designed for a new pilot. These were the tutorial/introductory missions before the new 10-part Tutorial missions. They are older than the COSMOS missions and their precursor. They do not reside in any of the COSMOS constellations and are not visable on the DED Agent Site report as are the COSMOS agents. Each of these agents will give you at least one Important Mission part.

Tutorial Missions (or the 10-parters)

There are two styles of tutorial or starter Event Agents. The first are in starter school stations and offer one 2 part mission called "The Endless Battle" There are 60 of these agents as of Revelations 1.3 and anyone with above -2 standings (counting Diplomacy) with their faction can do the mission. The second tutorial agents were added in Revelations I and have 3 separate 10 part missions. There are only the three missions but each major empire has a set for a total of 12 new agents. Each of these agents will give you at least one Important Mission part.

Tutorial Agent Locations:

Epic Mission

New type of missions added recently, see Epic Mission Arc for details.

Live Event Missions

Every so often members of CCP's ISD team will run a live event focused on progressing the Eve Universe overall story. The Events start in some system where ISD pilots acting as members of the Eve melieu chat in local using cyan text indented with their names preceeding. This is much like the text on many of the new Tutorial and Normal missions. The ISD members follow a script which can be modified by the role-playing from member gamers. The ultimate outcome is usually predetermined but the middle of the story is determined by an interaction by all involved. The players taking part can receive bonuses and very nice items (like the Opux Luxury Yacht) and changes to their standings. An example of a pretermined outcome Event would be the fleet of Capital ships that stormed the CONCORD Bureau in Yulai leaving it in it's ruined state. Pilots in the system had an opportunity to attempt a defense of CONCORD but ultimately they had to fail for the start of the Empyrean war. An event that was not predetermined was the relief supply mission from Sisters of Eve out of Pure Blind to the home world of the Intaki residents of Reschard 5 after a massive explosion poisened their atmosphere. IRON alliance decided to take the freighter fleet of supplies for themselves but a coalition of other pilots defended the SOE fleet. This outcome would have been written up in the next days news by how the fight had went.

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