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Mission ores

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Mission ores are found in mining missions. Mining missions are missions where agents asks the player to mine some ores. To avoid cheating (buying ores from the market), those missions are constructed so that player has to mine a special mission ore - one not found in normal asteroids, and available only at the mission location. Those ores cannot be refined, and are available only in the quantity need for the mission (the ore disappears upon completion of the mission).

Note that Materials for War Preparation storyline mission, and Mineral Acquisition research agents mission are not mining missions per se, and they use normal ores (or processed minerals).

Mission mission ores:


Despite its resemblance to common Pyroxeres, Augumene ore in its raw form is both rare and highly toxic to humans. Thus, while it is also a source of many of the minerals found in Pyroxeres ore, Augumene is generally considered virtually worthless due to the dangers posed by its handling.

Missions : Undestanding Augumene

          Passing the ISK


A variant of the common ore Veldspar, Banidine is found in far lesser abundance - which causes no problems for miners since the latter ore is virtually worthless, being riddled with impurities.

Missions : Claimjumpers, Bountinful Banidine


This ore is of interest only to civilian and rookie pilot mining operations.

Missions: Making Mountains of Molehills (1 of 10)

Green Arisite

Green Arisite is a close cousin to Gneiss, although it is much less commonly found in known space. It is not at all valuable to miners or refiners, however, since its byproducts tend to foul up refining equipment, thus requiring exorbitant maintenance costs.


Lyavite is a relatively rare ore quite similar in some respects to Kernite. However, due to the circumstances under which this ore is formed, it is highly unstable when refined; this quality renders it worthless to all but the most desperate of miners.


The rare mineral Mercium is thought to be closely related to Omber, varying slightly in chemical composition; in fact, these ores were classified as separate types only recently. However, current refining technologies have been found to do irreparable damage to Mercium ore, rendering it unusable for all practical purposes.





The rarest and most valuable ore in the known universe, Arkonor, has a less well known cousin called Polygypsum. While the two are very similar in chemical composition, the latter is quite unstable, having a tendency to ignite when handled roughly. While posing little danger to a spacecraft, which is built to withstand tremendous heat, this property makes the ore too dangerous under any other circumstances - such as in the business of refining.


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Mission ores

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