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Missions are one of the basic activities of many players in EVE, as the are one of the easiest ways to make money (isk). They also have other advantages, as well as some disadvantages. See Occupations:The Mission-Runner.




Missions allow anyone to make good money in the relative safety of high security space (note that missions given by agents in low security space or 0.0 are more profitable, but carry the usual risks associated with operating in such places).

Each successful mission yields an increase in loyalty points with the agent by whom the mission was given. For loyalty points you can obtain implants, faction ships and other perks, some of which cannot be acquired in any other way (although everything can be bought and sold on contracts).

Missions raise standings with various corporations. Every 16 missions completed for a given faction and for agents of the same level (corporation, type and quality do not matter) will give you access to one storyline mission. As a general rule, the storyline mission offer comes from the nearest storyline agent in that faction, but there appear to be other unknown factors as this is not always the case.

Once a player acquires an effective standing of 8.0 or higher with an NPC corporation, the player will be able to install Jump Clones at stations belonging to that corporation, provided they have cloning services. Note that not all corporations have stations with cloning services. If an entire player corporation reaches an average standing of 8.0 or higher with an NPC corporation, all players in that corporation can install Jump clones with the NPC corporation. Only base standings counts in this average, not effective standing (as modified by skills).

Some mission rewards include rare faction items (modules, blueprints, ships), usually offered to the player by way of a bonus payment.

Why do missions?

Agents offer several rewards for completing their missions.

  • The tangible benefits include money (both mission rewards as kill bounties) and sometimes items, especially valuable implants or rare skill books.
  • The intangible benefit to running agent missions is the ability to increase standings. This basically is the the approval or disproval of the corporation you're working for. A high approval rating leads to better agents, i.e.:
    • Better missions and rewards;
    • Less tax on using station services (like refining);
    • More Loyalty Points (corporation agents only), that can be used to buy special ships, modules, skills and implants;
    • With the deployment of Red Moon Rising, faction standing also dictates whether or not a pilot can use the corporation rebirth "Jump Clone" facilites (8.0 required) or anchor a starbase in empire space.
  • Furthermore, there are only a limited number of missions, and once these have been repeated several times the player will "know the trick" and be able to do missions faster and more efficient.

Why avoid missions?

Like any possible source of wealth in the game, there are several balances in place to make sure it (1) doesn't get exploited and (2) doesn't become the sole activity for all pilots due to its appeal.

  • The tedium, slow advancement, and competitive pay work to even the scales. Mission running can be quite tedious no matter what kind of agent a pilot chooses. Furthermore, there are only a limited number of missions, and once these have been repeated several times can become quite repetitive.
  • Also, if a player does not have high social skills trained or have a high charisma, the slow advancement through the ranks of agents might make a player consider another career path.
  • Additionally, the pay for running missions is similar to what a player can make in other activities skillpoint for skillpoint. A low level player can make as much mining as they can doing low level agents. A high level player can make as much or more running complexes, anomalies or Wormholes.
  • Missions may involve destroying other factions' ships. If you do this often enough, your standings towards that faction may drop below -5.0 and you will get attacked in that faction's territory.

Source(s): Missions


Missions are given by agents, who can be found on most stations. The higher the agent level and agent quality, the better rewards of the mission. To get access to better agents, you have to improve your standing; the higher of standing or corportation standing applies.

How do I find agents?

Open the map ( F10 ) - Star map - Color Stars by - My Information - My Agents. Systems highlighted in green have agents that accept you and mouse over a system gives more info, complete missions to get to better agents.

How do I find better agents?

SHOW INFO one of the agents you have already worked for ... click his CORP logo and then the Agents tab. See where the agents are located and which will talk to you.

For more information on agents see the appropriate section.

Mission Types

Missions can be divided into four types:

Agents of different divisions give a different mix of missions to run and the Loyalty Points rewards will be increased by 5% per level by training certain Connections (Bureaucratic, Financial, High Tech, Labor, Military, Political or Trade) skills:

division Courier Kill Trade Mining Bureaucratic Financial High Tech Labor Military Political Trade
Accounting: 100% -- -- -- - x - - - - x
Administration: 50% 50% -- -- x - - - - x -
Advisory: 66% 34% -- -- - - x - - x -
Archives: 80% 20% -- -- x - x - - - -
Astrosurveying: 30% 40% 05% 25% - - x x - - -
Command: 03% 97% -- -- - - - - x x -
Distribution: 95% 05% -- -- - x - - - - x
Intelligence: 15% 85% -- -- - - x - x - -
Internal Security: 05% 95% -- -- x - - - x - -
Legal: 50% 50% -- -- - x - - - x -
Manufacturing: 100% -- -- -- - - x x - - -
Marketing: 95% 05% -- -- - x - - - - x
Mining: 85% 05% -- 10% (II) - - - x - - x
Personnel: 36% 64% -- -- x - - x - - -
Production: 95% 05% -- -- - - - x - - x
Public Relations: 66% 34% -- -- - x - - - x -
R&D: 50% (S) -- 50% -- - - - - - - -
Security: 05% 90% 05% -- - - - - x x -
Storage: 95% (L) 05% -- -- x - - - - - x
Surveillance: 05% 95% -- -- - - x - x - -

Skills for Mission Runners

If you know you're going to do a lot of agent missions you might want to take time to invest in a few skills also.

  • Social - Skill at social interaction, 5% bonus to npc, corporation and faction standing increase.
  • Connections - Skill at interacting with friendly npc's, 4% bonus to effective standing towards friendly NPC Corporations.
  • Negotiation - Skill at agent negotiation, improves agent effective quality. 5% additional pay for agent missions.
  • Loyalty Points rewards (needed for the Loyalty Point store) will be increased by 5% per level by training certain Connections (Bureaucratic, Financial, High Tech, Labor, Military, Political or Trade) skills.

If you're also looking to raise your personal security standings you might want to train the skill:

  • Fast Talk - Skill at interacting with CONCORD, 4% bonus to effective security rating increase.
  • Diplomacy - This skill can also be useful in the longer term, as the more Event or Storyline missions you complete, the more adjustments occur to the Faction standings. Some of these can be negative, for example, working exclusively for Caldari State will reduce standing with the Gallente Federation. When your effective standing reaches -5.0 or less, Gallente Navy ships will begin attacking you on sight, regardless of your overall Security Status with CONCORD. Eventually, work must be done for the Gallente to balance these effects out, but the Diplomacy skill can buy you more time. Alternatively, you can simply not go to Gallente space.

It can also be used to get access to level 2 missions quickly. If a character starts with level 5 Diplomacy and then breaks one Event Mission with a faction their faction standing instantly raises to +2.0 and any corporations with that faction get a +2.0 boost giving the player access to level 2 missions with that corporation.

Note: These Faction standings should not be confused with Corporation standings. Only Event and Storyline missions alter Faction standings. Normal missions will only affect Corporation standing.

To what level should you train these skills then?

Well that's up to you, consider how much time you want to spend on those skills, how much mission running will you do?


Some alternatives include ratting in 0.0 space or doing complexes. These can be more profitable time-wise, but on the other hand 0.0 space is more dangerous than the high-sec space missions mentioned above. Furthermore, there are only a limited number of missions, and once these have been repeated several times can become quite repetetive.

For more information regarding alternative activities, see PvE Combat Guide.

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